All or Nothing

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokingFIRE, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I've recently come into quite the opportunity which I am not allowed to discuss here on Grasscity due to the websites rules and the law enforcement these days, etc. etc.

    If you had the opportunity to go big and make it all would you do it?
    Even if the chance of you making it is 50/50 ?
    Even if things could go wrong and you could lose it all?

    I'm just asking, would you risk everything to go big and live the luxurious life of a millionaire?
  2. You only live once right? Hell ya.. roll the dice :)
  3. hmmm i personally wouldn't

    but its up to u. Think about it long and hard before you make your move.
  4. depends what your definition of "losing it all" is.

    but what the hell, i would. why not?
  5. I would try and play it safe and live a comfortable lifestyle.
  6. I'd rather be a failure knowing I gave it a shot than being left wondering what if for the rest of my life so I'd go for it
  7. No, never. I don't need a millionaire lifestyle. I think that would ruin me as a person
  8. All of my problems are financial, so yes, if only to pay off the ominous debt looming. But I'm a quiet, reserved person who isn't comfortable in loud clubs, so I'd be the guy on the billion-dollar golf course, I wouldn't be your typical millionaire.

    In truth I would just give most of it to a charity, or maybe go build a housing complex in Mauritania or something, something for the good of humanity, rather than good of myself.
  9. like somebody said, depends on your definition of loosing it all.
  10. By losing everything I mean Prison time, Homeless or possibly Death.
  11. Interesting question...
    depends on your age and risk tolerance.

    50/50 all or nothing is not good odds

    In other words would you put you life, your freedom your family Nad money on a roulette table on the color red?
    I couldnt.....

    I've seen many kids I'll call them, walk up to a casino table and put down on one hand more money that they can afford only to loose it.

    When the smart player will ration their time & money, play it safe and onl;y win or loose a small amount.
    Not the same story to tell, but if you want athe story, the bar talk then bet it all.

  12. With these possibilities, I would say no. I wouldn't risk my freedom or life for anything.

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