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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Spark Plug, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. I have question guys. I want you to try and break this down for me. 
    Is it better to be the guy who the girl personally (like actually in person) shows their booty pics to or is it better to be the guy who she's sending them to via text? Pointless thread lol but it's the morning happy friday everyone :)

  2. Maybe she wants you to comment on said booty to see what you think
  3. Whenever I take booty pics, it's most likely to send them to someone on my mind at that moment. Sometimes I'm feeling myself and I take it because I feel cute or something.

    So, if a girl has booty pics in her arsenal, I'd say she probably took them for a reason. There's a possibility that she was thinking ahead but someone probably saw those pics before you.

    Whether Instagram or snapchat or whatever
  4. Someone definitely saw them before me lol I'm just curious as to why she decided to show me when i didn't even ask to see any haha 
  5. Lol. Maybe you should have asked her that. Or asked to see in the flesh?
  6. isnt it kind of obvious why she is sending them to you? I'd be a little weirded out if she sent like knee pics but the booty is pretty indicative of what shes tryna do
  7. she didn't send them to me lol she showed me on her phone so it kinda threw me off

    She says she's gay but i have my doubts about that
    Oh my.  You better fasten your seat belt.  You're in for a bumpy ride.  
  9. Yeah tell me about it lol
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    Doesnt matter how/why. Either way you got to see. Enjoy the moment lol
  11. you should try and fuck that little slut either way. I love slutty girls.

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