All of you are just my different personalities

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Insurgency, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Or maybe we are all different one of yours?

    im kidding. I just wanted to say hi to this forum, especially philosophy. This forum had a massive positive influence on me like 10 years ago, so I’m happy to see it’s still here. Cheers everybody!
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  2. Welcome back, Welcome back !!

  3. Hello...!
  4. Hello Sir/Mam.
  5. Wait, I'm still struggling with the personality thing! :huh:
  6. Maybe I (along with everyone else) am just some personality of your own mind and this forum was created by your mind in order to communicate? I believe it’s Nihilism?
  7. I sometimes think that what if the human race are parasitic world destroyers draining each planet of all its resources.
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  8. What if it all is just a self-serving fantasy...?
  9. With an enemy that leads you to hell. And a savior people don't choose in avoiding it.
  10. Personality is a crock of shit. The halo effect governs everything. It's not like you can fuck a personality, anyway.
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  11. In a sense you’re right, we all are the possible personality you could have had if raised in the environment and circumstances/influences we as individuals endured.
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  12. haha, that's an interesting introduction
  13. What year is it? Insurgency, I think I branched off from you about 9 years back.

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