all of a sudden big fan leaves are dying in 8th week of budding..

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  1. so this is a good sign that it should be done?

    unless, like, a few days ago, i put a layer of Miracle grow Perlite on top of my soil because ive been having Gnat problems. so does the perlite have nutes in there that may have cause the dying leaves? or a sign that its about ready for harvest?

    trichomes are cloudy, and a few amber,
  2. i think the plant takes the energy from the fan leaves during budding. so its fine. Its up to you when its ready to harvest :p
  3. I would agree. I would flush with no nutes for a couple weeks to get rid of any nute taste in your plants and harvest.
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    The poster above is right. Leaves will start turning yellow the closer it gets to being done. But don't go by that alone. Get a magnifyer or scope and check the trich's. That is the best way to tell if and when it's ready. When the trich's are amber, cloudy, or both it's ready. Just depends on the high your looking to get. Here is a chart to go by.

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