All Of A Sudden .., Amber Right?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Love420247, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Heyy there

    So I've just gone past the 8 week mark and according to the strain (Iranian G13) should be about done.

    But I'm not , I see no amber trichs with my magnifier , so obviously not done.

    And I expected that it would take longer because I'm using clf's , so thats not what im wondering about.

    But I figured at least a couple would be amber

    My question is how quickly do the trichomes change color?
    Once a few turn amber, eill it only be a couple days until they all are? Or more gradual?

    Thankss :)
  2. Amber doesnt mean its done. It means its beyond done. The trichs/thc turn amber as it degrades and becomes cbd. Some do this to increase the effect and give you a more stoned body high and narcotic effect. Most medical strains are high cbd to help with pain. Your plant can be harvest as soon as the trichs are not clear but more cloudy and milky. On an indica dominant I would wait till more amber but on a sativa dominant I would harvest once trichs are clouded or milky to better compliment the particular strain. Its all preference though....
  3. Thanks for the input , I've seen it refeferenced to the ripeness of fruitbso it makes total sense , most of the time you dont want brown fruit

    But you actually didnt answe my question :p
  4. Going from cloudy to amber is a any day now kinda deal sometimes they stay stuck on cloudy for a while. If all cloudy now and waiting for amber I would say another 4-15 days to turn amber in my experience. Also when checking for amber put microscope on side of buds not sugar leaves as these turn amber first. Also most strains say 8-9 weeks but take longer. Don't rush and you will like your results! Good luck


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