All non-sensimilla smokers throw your seeds on 4/20, overgrow the country

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  1. for all those who smoke herbs with seeds in them, I heard about this idea, save up all your seeds and on 4/20 EVERYONE throw their seeds in fields, ditches, road sides, woods, etc etc
    and if EVERYONE who has seeds does that, it would eventually start popping up everywhere and the police/government wouldn't be able to keep up with eradicating it and they would have to find some middle ground to legalize/regulate it.
    Anyone heard of this?
    Anyone think it would work?
  2. Search button.

    But it wouldn't work. Have you seen what they use to clear ditches? A fucking flame thrower :eek:
  3. Why not just start now? why it have to be on 4/20. I never get seeds tho so I guess this doesn't apply to me
  4. This just might work...

    Also, throw seeds in parks
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    Everyone needs to do it at once so it becomes too overgrown, if they did it at separate times they would have a lot easier time taking down each patch, versus one HUGE patch if everyone did it at once.
    repetitive i know.

    Edit: Think of it like taking out an army- what's more difficult: taking down groups of 10, 1 at a time, 10 times in a row.
    OR taking down the whole group of 100 while they all standing there at once- it would be a lot more difficult to take em down before they lived their cycle, pollinated, dropped seeds, wind blows seeds to other areas of land and spreads it around, etc etc until; it flourishes everywhere and let mother nature start handling its course if we did it the other way
  6. Think!- What type of cannabis usually has the most seeds?

    Are you ready to have your sweet virgin White Widows "raped" by some free-floating Mexican schwag pollen from some vacant lot a half a mile away?


  7. Doesn't sound pleasant, but think- if they did decriminalize it because of how common it would be if this happened, then AFTER it's decriminalized people can fearlessly put greenhouses in their backyard to prevent unwanted pollination, grow in their house where more climate control is easily attained, etc etc.
    Not everything on earth would go to schwagg, only the outside plants, but that's GOOD because then it produces more seeds, wind spreads seeds around, and it continues to flourish and keep them practicing the lax decriminalization, everyone could still control their grows cuz I really doubt they would have their personal grows anywhere people could rip em off anyway meaning proly not where they can be pollinated easily either.
    Thanks for the input, Granny :wave:
  8. I mean give the seeds a chance and at least start them in solo cups

  9. How easy would that make it for law enforcement though?
    Gota just throw em out to soil and late nature work its course.
    it WOULD work.
    do you think people went around planting all the trees in mountains?
    Same thing happened to those trees as what would happen with cannabis-
    -throw em to soil
    -rain comes, waters and buries seed.
    -grows and either males, hermies, or females and gets pollinated by a male.
    -wind knocks seeds from buds, blows seeds around til they find resting spot, rain comes, cycle starts all over til it's out of control and they change the laws.

  10. At this point I don't give a shit

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