Discussion in 'General' started by bujubanton, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. I'm in the process of pulling a all nighter peoples, wish me luck. just burned one down and im brewing some coffee right now

    I have to study for calculus, class starts at 8 so ill try to get a couple hours of work in before then.


    PS: I miss nap time from kindergarten. How awesome was that, i remember little me saying "shit, learning the alphabet is a bitch. Good thing nap time is coming up though".
  2. good luck man i started drinking in the day time and passed out aha so i'm up early brewing some coffe and buckets too, AM tokes:smoke:

  3. bitch Im miley cyrus
  4. I always suggest burning one before arithmetic.
    It always expands my mind to great calculations and reasonings :bongin:
  5. swag swag

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