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  1. Today I was at the stored blazed and I thought how come everything isn't natural? Like if you go down an isle in the store you see all this food that slowly kills you. I want to know what it's like to live my life without all this food with shit in it you can't even pronounce. I think everything in the shelves should be 100% natural. water, fruits and veggies. everyone would be much healthier.all this crap and fast food we consume now a days just slowly kills us. Sad reality.

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  2. Yep it does suck. But here in the US everything has to be fast because of everyones fast paced lifestyle. Preservatives so things can last a long time, meals you can microwave in minutes, etc. Pretty hard to be healthy in a country that doesn't want you healthy.
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    weve been doing it fairly successful for few months now, feels great. home cooked meals, juices, left overs for lunch and dinner, then do it all over again. i will admit it can be tiring making 2-3 meals a day mainly because it can take up time making every from scratch. i take big shortcuts because i know a lot about cooking and efficiency, but it can still see the appeal of the ease of the drive through or frozen dinners. it is so easy...too easy.

    edit: forgot to say, we still cheat from time to time, sometimes there's no time and we gotta eat on the road, but we've cut down on portions and made more informed decisions.
  4. My wife keeps me really healthy. She grows all our vegetables and a lot of fruits. The only juice I get is all organic and hand blended by her. ( with a blender of course) she makes homemade bbq sauce for me and meals. It's great and I def can feel a difference. She also freezes meals for me, when I'm hungry i have a wide range of choices. Spegettio, lasagna roll ups. Cheesy chicken brocolli and rice casserole. The list goes on!

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  5. Cause natural doesn't turn a profit. That's why it's so expensive to purchase organic foods. I always buy everything from my local farmer's market to support some people trying to make a living. Everything in grocery stores is processed, because it can be mass produced and mixed with cheaper byproducts. All people care about is if it 'Tastes good', or they can't afford actual food. I don't even bother going into walmart, let alone buy food yuck.
  6. I also grow veggies. Corn, lettuce, a variety of tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, cucumbers etc. The peppers are a big one, I make a lot of hot sauces and pasta sauces. Also, I've been making breads for so long that the stuff at the store tastes like garbage. 
  7. The early mountain men already had this figured out. More of a Paleolithic diet really. "Caveman diet". A simple meal of fatback and biscuit with beans perhaps and an apple. Coffee of course. But more than likely.. Barley coffee or mixed as pure coffee was considered a high commodity in them days. I read some shit so I know.

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  8. and don't say caveman did not cook bistkitz..cuz I know a motherfucker did too.

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  9. It's cheaper for companies to produce processed foods rather than "natural" foods.
  10. just because you buy the ingredients seperately, such as packaged chicken and fruits and veggies and throw em all together, doesn't mean you are avoiding the added shit. Google gmos. That chicken teriyaki stir fry you made from scratch that one day, was probably jam packed with gmos

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  11. probably so, but buying non gmo, organic food will probably double my food budget, not putting into consideration the extra distance I have to drive in order to purchase said food. I understand that it may be jam packed with whatever other crap is supposed to kill us, but guaranteed I feel much better eating my homecooked meal then a tv dinner or prepackaged meal.
  12. He'll even our water (at least where I'm from) has been tainted with flouride. Apparently this is supposed to help prevent cavities but I highly doubt that's the truth behind it. Like I have a toothbrush for that shit. I drink water to quench my thirst, not to chemically prevent cavities.

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  13. companies are MONEY HUNGRY .. that's why
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    I stopped eating foods that are labeled GMO, and started cooking my own food rather than chowing down on preservatives.
    I cook all of my meat myself and eat fruits and vegetables bought from the farmers market. I don't know if it's psychological, but I feel way healthier and happier. I even crave smoking pot less (not that I think it's directly connected lol).
    The sad truth is that no one can truly avoid genetically modified food these days, but you can do your best to reduce the level of shit you put into your mouth by shopping at more organic oriented stores.
  15. The healthiest food for humans is vegetables that grow above the ground.
  16. hell yea I moved to Florida and its in all the damn water. The Nazis used it as neurotoxin back in the day. out every time I turn on the sink

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  17. the big companies basically control this country and the food. its not even the government. mcdonalds, monsanto, every Food ad you see you name it, it's pretty fucked up grow organic in your own home or shop at good stores
  18. the concept of health food stores shouldnt exist, every store should be the same loaded with good food. 100 years ago everything was organic and farmers actually farmed, over the last 30 years is when health hit this country hard with all the big companies and profit interest rather than nutrition interest
  19. We're aware that nowhere does it state that a gmo item must be labeled as such... right? However I for one don't want to be one of the last ones alive with all the whiny and forceful "but that's not natural AND gluten free" people.

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  20. Organic wicked expensive. Only the rich May eat healthy.

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