All-natural, sugar-free, calorie-free, good-tasting powder to add in water?

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  1. So I want to start mixing in raw cocoa powder and cinnamon in water first thing in the morning for the medicinal benefits, however the taste can be quite bitter. Is there anything I can add to the mix? The reason why I don't want any calories is because I am on the warrior diet and I do not want to consume any calories until after I worked out. I am aware that pure cocoa beans contain calories, but I am using so little that it won't even be of significance.
  2. Put it in black coffee instead of water. The bitter will help make the cocoa and cinnamon less noticeable. Coffee only really has like 5 calories black. It's not even worth worrying about.

    Your other options are calorie-free sweeteners. But those are bloody awful for you, even Stevia.
  3. stevia fuck yeah
    doesn't fuck with your insulin and it's natural buy that shit!!
  4. Why is stevia awful for you? I haven't heard this.
  5. Coffee makes me diarrhea faster than anything else I have ever consumed in my life.

    Why is Stevia bad for you?

    Even though Stevia isn't a sugar, is it still detrimental to my dental hygiene?
  6. Just drink water brother... do not need those added dyes and artificial sweeteners.
  7. Yeah, that about covers it.
  8. That list of side effects should be setting off anyone's bullshit detector.

    For instance, "Stevia is likely to lead to a reduction in blood-glucose level." That is because stevia actually un-does some of the damage that sugar does and it causes the body to be less resistant to insulin. That is a GOOD thing. Whether you are diabetic or just the average American, you WANT decreased insulin resistance.

    The statement, "Stevia is likely to lead to a reduction in blood-glucose level," is true, in that most Americans who might use it have glucose levels that are routinely TOO HIGH to begin with.

    In decreasing insulin resistance, stevia actually lessons the blood sugar crash that type II diabetics and reactive hypoglycemics experience after an excessively high blood sugar. The crash is caused when the body overproduces insulin - not realizing the insulin it's already produced will be delayed in effect.

    That was just the first claim; I can pick apart the other claims if anyone needs me to. Bottom line: is obviously a site dedicated to nothing more than slagging stevia. You have to wonder where they get the funds to run a site dedicated to bashing a single plant.

    We should all know the drill by now. If there's a natural plant that competes with your chemistry, you'll do whatever it takes to keep it off the market. Use whatever you want for your water but don't be fooled by someone else's bullshit.
  9. So anything I can add into my water? Doesn't have to sweeten it up.. just neutral out the bitterness. If not, then I will listen to KillerKush and I'm sure after a few weeks I will get used to it.

  10. You think water to be bitter? Have you tried just drinking spring water/distilled water?
  11. Raw cocoa powder makes my water bitter. Read first post.
  12. Xylitol
  13. Win. Thanks!

  14. Shit is just as "dangerous" as any other "substitute"

    Everything causes cancer dont ya know..

    Dangers Of Xylitol | LIVESTRONG.COM


    Everything has a dangers site.. le sigh.

  15. Good luck ingesting 50 grams of xylitol lol.

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