?? all my plant's leaves are "1-pointed" / leaf slivers... whats the deal ???

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by jrsaw0711, Nov 21, 2011.

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  2. need more info.
    was it a clone of a clone of a clone cause sometimes that will do it.
  3. What he said
  4. started from seed, directly in soil. had it under an AeroGarden grow light until it out grew the space. then had 3 cfl's on it for a 12/12 light sched. 175w, 125w, & 75watt. bottled water and MG. using MG Flower Boost now...

  5. Any possible light leaks or change in light intensity?
  6. Its in a flowering state.
    Depending on the strain (quality) of the plant, and the current health of the plant (how well it's being fed / pH n shyt) will determine how many "fingers" per leaf it has. In a flowering state the plant puts more effort into producing flowers (bud) than leaves or the size of the leaves.
  7. theres your problem...Miracle Gro. it is causing your plant to have a nitrogen toxicity, like it is in a flowering state but theres way too much nitrogen, so the plant wants to go back to veg. but, like i said, there is way to much nitrogen which is also toxic to your plant. both of these combined is most likley the root of your problem.

    aside from that, MG Bloom Booster is not meant to be used for aeroponics. its really not supposed to be for marijuana at all. me, personally, will never buy a miracle gro/scotts/monsanto product ever. i believe the product you are using contains 15-30-15. not a good ratio for MJ

    pH your water to be at 5.8. bottled water with no adjustments made to it isnt very good for your plants. it needs to be pHed correctly in order for your nutrients to work with your plant.

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