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All my glass...for now.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xero16, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Figured I'd throw up some pics of the family since everything is clean right now. T break is done on Wednesday!






  2. sick bub man.
  3. Get a sick ashcatcher for that, and you'll have a solid tube.
  4. sickass bub
  5. Why do people get ash catchers, the water catches all the ash anyways.
  6. ^keeps the tubes cleaner and cools the smoke more
  7. nice chillum, almost scary how similar mine is.
  8. I'm lookin for ashcatchers around here, but no luck so far. I might look into getting one made though once Uncle Sam pays me my money.
  9. Nice pieces dude!

    Do you happen to live near Bloomington, Minnesota?
  10. Yeah Bloomington is about an hour away. Recognize some glass? The 3 smaller ones are all from Clown. I've seen a bub just like mine at Hideaway too.
  11. An hour in which direction? :eek:
  12. South-ish. Used to live a few hours up on 94, but it's nice being a bit closer to the cities now.
  13. ahh I'm an hour to the north of the cities.
  14. Dope pieces man.
  15. Nice and clean! I bet Wednesday can't come soon enough to enjoy those pretty ladies and their mother MJ! :smoke:

    How long was your t-break for, out of curiousity?
  16. i love everone of your pipes. simply to cool. +rep
  17. My T break has been since January 20th. Figured I would go for 4 weeks and be clean for the first time in 5 years or so. Been working out and eating healthy, it's been a good month. Now I have to try keep my good habits while bringing back the MJ and gettin ripped like I used to.

    Thanks for the rep squeamoz. I'm an aspiring glasshead and take a lot of pride in what I've got so far. Maybe some milk shots at midnight tonight cuz I'm definitely smokin as soon as midnight rolls around.
  18. You've got some sweet pieces there!

    A true collector ^^
  19. Nice! Reppin' the glass and the Minnesnowta! :hello:
    Better shop: Clown or Hideaway? I've only been to the latter.
  20. cause they got deep pockets

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