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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by GroTrees, Mar 17, 2004.

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  1. hey hobbes just asked me to start a post because hes locked out of his account he can\'t post, reply, pm or do anything, he said this is the second time its happened to him on \"hobbes\" and it happened to his \"pot mac guyver\" handle to idk if he did something wrong or this is just some type of error but he\'s upset and wants to be able to post on here, if any mods can do anything to fix this it would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  2. Keeping the post up as a favor.
  3. You should post this in the \"General Feedback\" forum...maybe some nice mod\'ll move it there for ya.
  4. He\'s not locked out by us. We\'re trying to help him get back in right now. :)
  5. stoners ,lol. he forgot his password again .:D
  6. k thanks i was jus passing the message on

  7. u know i wanna fucking smack u right??
  8. i lost my account completely thank you very much i was at 420 posts too and now I\'m at square one again... this shit blows but i love this site so I\'ll just deal with it

  9. Thats one way to get banned...

    User name hobbes doesn\'t say banned..

    I\'ll check it to see whats up..
  10. whatever... thanks for the offer but i gave up on it... even spent some time making a pimp new avatar.... i guess I\'m over it i still wanna smack Critter tho
  11. Looks like Hobbes used a non-existant, or deleted e-mail address.. E-mail verification is on, so it kicked his name out of the registered members..

    Anything else??


  13. wtf is that all about :D

    I\'m closing this thread. I stayed up late last night figuring out what was up with this. You weren\'t banned. Your account wasn\'t deleted. Email verification is on and the email address you registered with wasn\'t a real one...if it was, then go to it and verify your address. Plain and simple. When you registered, it was at a time when email verification wasn\'t just lucked out that day. RMJL

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