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  1. The whole time I have been here i have seen to many threads on "what light should i buy" or "will this light work". So I have some free time and I am just going to go through the basics.:cool:
    Lights to use:
    I'm going from the best(you can use) to the worst ( you can use )


    HPS (high pressure sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) light


    The fluorescent "tube" light.

    The compact fluorescent light's


    Lights not to use!:

    normal light (
    Incandescent )


    Halogen Light Bulbs


    Black light

    Grow light (
    Incandescent )

    more will be added later..( this is just a start )

  2. wow thats alot of info cant let you do this by yourself so heres some help as you can see that Purlite stated earlier on what to look for in fourecents heres my two cents the best place to get them is here www.1000bulbs.com/category.php?category=2086 I was told by a few members here that the 85 watt would be compatible with a 150 watt reflector($6.97) from homepedopot if im wrong please correct me
  3. Nice thread Purilite
    + Rep for this one.
  4. Say I will be using CFLs ( Helical)...

    I know for vegging I want the 6500k spectrum, and for flowering something like the 2700k, but theoretically, cant I just get 4100k and use it the whole time, or no?
  5. No, you can't just average the conditions. You might do OK, but each phase of growth is maximized by a certain spectrum of light.
  6. ok, Thanks toasty
  7. how can i find out the light spectrum?
  8. how would my plants grow if i was in a spectrum of:55,000 lumes(sp) for veg. and a spectrum of:38,000 lumes(sp) for flowering? because i was thinking of buyin this light:http://www.htgsupply.com/productdetail.asp?productID=208 if anyone has any input, or can help me...please post and share your knowledge:D
  9. Lumens is light output not color spectrum. You are looking at a 400w MH/HPS combo, which is a great grow light depending on how many plants.
  10. thanks for the help!! well i plan on growing about 6-8 clones @ a time......do you think the light will do well with that many?? or could i even grow more?
  11. Thats light is simply amazing!

    I must get it!

    To everyone else:

    Could that thing fully grow 1-2 plants?
  12. well a 400w hps/mh......i was hoping i could grow 6-8 (do you think its only big enough for 2 plants?)
  13. 400w is fine for 6 plants. I think 8 is pushing it.
  14. cool thanks alot, your really helpin me out:D (to bad gc wont let me give you more +rep yet)
  15. ++

    I'd like to see more stuff on Fluorex bulbs. I just bought one (being shipped now) and am going to try it in veg cycle instead of 400w HPS. I did a little research and they look like they might beat CFL on price vs. effacacy.
  16. Does anyone know which colour (color ) of florecents is best to use for growing? and why? very warm white, warm white, white, cool white, i belive there is also a deluxe warm white as these lamps are cheaper i like to start off with these can anyone shed sum light on the question (excuse my awful pun i could not resist)

    :D :smoking:
  17. cool = good for veg
    warm = good for flowering
  18. Say i decide to use the compact flourescent lightbulbs...what watt should i get for my lamp ill be using? and will i need a different watt for each state( vegetative and flowering)
  19. no just a different light spectrum for flowering. veg = blue light
    flowering = red light

    get an hps, its night and day as far as bud production. ive seen some nice floro grows, but not much is returned after flowering
  20. when u say blue does that mean like it needs to be a blue tint right

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