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all leaves turning lime green

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by sb575, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. I am not really sure what is going on with my baby.....she seems to look healthy in terms of growth but in terms of color i feel like something is up. All the leaves are lime green and new leaves are turning yellowish on the outside follwed by slightly burnt tips. I have been using fox farm vegetative growth fertilizer in extrremelyyy small proportions so as to not burn it but it kind of looks like i already have in some way. My potting soil is organic miracle grow potting mix (shitty i know), but the fox farm i hear makes up for it. My water ph and soil ph is just around 7. Also there are older leaves from the mother plant (mine is a clone) that yellowed and are basically dead but i dont know whether trimming them off is going to cause the plant stress; i would imagine not since they are clearly not serving any purpose, but i have been reading mixed opinions on that matter. Here are some picturess to help....i feel like it might be nitrogen or potassium deficiency, but im no expert and this is my first grow.

    thanks guys!

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  2. I am also having a similar problem I have yet to fix.
  3. anyone??? those are pretty decent pictures im sure someone has experience with this?? :(
  4. stop giving it ferts and flush it with 3 times as much water as the pot size. let it dry out a couple days and just give normal water for at least a week. i dont know whats wrong with it but thats where i would start. a good flush can do wonders
  5. You prob need to adjust the ph. Flushing is a goo place to start then get the ph on track and all should be ok.
  6. it looks more like a deficiency tho......the amount of nutrients i gave it was like a quarter of the recommended dose for a houseplant. Is 7 too high of a ph??
  7. My situation was a little different, but the look was the same. I cut off all my dead looking areas, leaving the plant looking like there was hardly anything to work with. I even got nutty and tied it down for low-stress training. One week later, being fed nothing but water when the soil calls for it, the plant looks exceptionally healthy. I was able to flip the switch to 12/12 yesterday and shes loving that too. SO if i were you I would start with just cutting off all the non-green, unhealthy areas, and feed it nothing but water for at least a week.
  8. yeah seem a bit small for ferts, flush em good with plain water at adjusted ph 6.4 give or take. whats the temp in the room? and are you foliar feeding?
  9. look under the leaves, you might have hundreds of Spider MItes, they never go on top of the leaf, only under!!!!

    I had same plant look, and those were mites....
  10. i have had this problem many times.make sure you trim off all the leaves that are dying this will help the rest of the plant to boost quicker.all you have to do is flush them,ph your water at 6-6.5
    and foliar feed your plant minimum once a day. try feeding them liquid seaweed.that stuff works wonders.and you need to make sure your roots are ready for nutes cause if not you will cause a deficiency on your own and stunt growth.good luck
  11. fert burn ...flush flush
  12. yes 7 ph is way to high should b around 6.0 to 6.5
  13. i'm in flower 2 weeks and had this problem, thought adding cal mag would fix,,, it helped but did not fix it but flushing with ph water seemed to do the trick, no more lime yellow flowers and leaves, it's a blueberry, i have another flower that like a higher ph and more nutes but this one seems not to so much.
    Check out the date of the post above you, then the one above that.  :confused_2:
  15. and what do you mean???
    i do not care of their date of post, i only care of my post which is current.... if old posts were an issue and not to be replied to with substance then don't you think the thread would be closed and archived?
  16. My dog knocked my plant over.no visible damage to stems but now it's turning lite green and leave kinda curling feels dry..but still growing.any ideas I don't test soil I use the organic go box...according to label.

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