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All kushed, new pick up!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vicious, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    somewhere around 6g just in those pics.

    NOT MY BUD. I just got back from my buddies and this is what hes sitting on. I'm deffinitly going to cop some this weekend, no question. One hit has me medicated, feels like I took a pill, can't even call it a high. I will have to pace myself this weekend because you smoke too much and you're going to sleep.

    I got a gram to hold me off till then. Those will be up in a little
    Higher res and other kush pics coming up too. Pictures don't do it justice. It has to been seen (smoked) in person.
  2. I am forbidden to look at these pictures? Why me? Is there no JAH?

  3. lookin good, lookin good.. i should be gettin a half of some kush this week as well
  4. im a kush head, sucks for my tolerence but my tastebuds love it. i got some master and bubba kush and it takes me about 6 good rips off my tube to feel a good buzz. GL grabbing more, how are the kush prices cuz i know dukes be trying to up the price on a gram.
  5. High Res

  6. id smoke it...looks nice ;)
  7. What kind of kush bud is it?
  8. Supposedly Triangle.
  9. Cool. I was going to pick up some Bubba Kush (Master Kush X Bubblegum) as soon as I am done with my tolerance break, which is tomorrow. The shitty thing is I am waiting for a phone call back about a job and I don't know if they test or not. I just got a new Icemaster 5.0 too and I cannot wait to blaze out of it.

    My homie is supposed to smoke some blonde hash with me when I get off my tbreak.

  10. I just got a hard on over this thread, first that bud, then that hash!
  11. "we smoke that kush, and we ball like swoosh" perfect song to toke that kush to

  12. The good kind.

    Oh man, I don't know whether it's because I haven't smoked hash in a long time or because I have a killer bout of the munchies, but for some reason, I really fucking want to eat that chunk of hash. It looks delicious. Like maple fudge or something. Fuck, now I want maple fudge, too.
  13. Gotta love the Kush man, but I've smoked stuff at least as good as that and I doubt "one hit had you medicated", unless your tolerance is in the dirt.

    I want to slap my dick against that hash.
  14. I LOVE kush! Man i can still get some og kush but at $400 a zip no matter if i get a qp or one zip only i usually hold off.
  15. My friends just got back from florida and they said his brother got a onion of kush fronted to him that was the best weed he has ever seen..the sunshine state has got the cronic!!

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