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All jokes aside or the DEA is here!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Read my title and it explains it all. In the news today there is a report of the DEA doing a major bust on scoop (date rape drug) across the USA. Hundreds of people were arrested in over 70 cities across the USA. The DEA used the internet, where these dealers were going on-line and using the web as a hook-up.

    About the same time that case was wrapping up and the busts were fixing to happen, newbies start coming out of the woodwork here looking for hook-ups. Now coincindences don't happen in my book, everything is related. If anyone has a nose for this, its Tazz. Ask him and see what he says.

    But anyway, I've got this to say.

    My open comment to all you agents out there is this:


    I understand you have a job to do, but you won't get it here. SJ does not tolerate people using this board to find connections or to use this board as an advertisement for selling. Go somewhere else to catch your dealers. Dealing and hook-ups are frowned upon and deleted here. the free and open discussion of MJ can be found here, but as long as the first ammendment is constitutional that's still legal. As far as grow advice that's dispensed, anything that is said here can be found in much further detail at hundreds of other sites across the web. And if its illegal to dispense grow advice, just speak up and it will stop.

    Please go away and catch some real bad guys like Osama Bin Laden and leave us to joke and bullshit each other.
  2. i think your right bpp. i find it a little odd that these newbies are asking to get hooked up all of a sudden eh......
  3. I wondered the same thing about the hookups. I find it hard to believe that people honestly think that they can hookup on the internet. It's stupidity.

    I've had a few pms from some newbies and I thought then that it was odd to get pms from people who have maybe posted once or twice asking me rather up close and personal stuff. I ignored them because they did seem fishy. I am very upfront about what I believe in so I wouldn't doubt it if someone maybe thought they could bait me. You can't pull shit over on me; so if that was it, they wasted their time.

    Hopefully, if you're right Poppa, they will get the message. ...and it isn't illegal to dispense growing tips. It's all part of free speech.
  4. Since the CIA is the biggest drug dealers maybe the DEA should look into their own government for bust. As far as the bill of rights our forefathers died for, MR BUSH took away in the name of Homeland Security. Remember the government thinks anyone who does drugs supports terrorism. (the commercial ads in the super bowl) What a load of crap that is but that is the backass way of the U.S. Government. My suggestion is support NORML! HTTP://WWW.NORML.ORG Any money you cannot spend for your D.O.C. please send to support the only people defending our rights as Americans. Even if it is only $10 send what you can or buy any of their products.

    And this is just for the DEA on this 1st amedment protected site... BITE ME BITE ME BITE ME!!!!!! You will not stop all of us before we change the laws!!! You are the terrorist ALL AMERICANS should be worried about!

    Police are arresting nonviolent people (usually MJ smokers not big time dealers)and keeping them in jail while the president releases Child Molesters, Rapist, and Murderers.

    "When compassion and reason are in conflict with the law.... Change the Law!"
  5. BPP i think you are on to something. I have noticed that several newbies have come in here asking for a hook up. I also believe that a true stoner knows better than to go on the internet and ask for a hook up. So is it cops or kids??

    I can't believe that the cops are trying to bust people for giving advice. I have told people several times ( that have asked for a hook up) that people buy cars, land. boats, and all kinds of stuff from goverment seised auctions that happen around this area (at least one every other month.)

    You never know when they will be knocking at your door next.

    RMJL I have had people PM me several times that had no post. I usually delete them on sight and hope they don't PM me again. I never respond to any of them.

    I hopr that if the DEA is here that they'll see we are just having general conversation and fun.
  6. <font color=green><b>hell fucking yeah!! what he said!!

    Everyone who smokes should just come out and start smokin in public, on the same day....Show these assholes who they're dealin with ya know? You saw what happened in the LA Riots...The cops were just a bunch of pussies and watched them rob the stores and fight...they didnt even try resisting them...So what would happen if everyone just walked to the outside of a police station or government building and held a protest....Bring a couple sacks and blankets and just camp out there and blaze.....get thousands of stoners, maybe even millions...haha damn im fucked up off some hydrocodone for the first time, plus a few gravity hits, so sorry if none of that made sense or was irrelevant. peace

    Fuck the police Fuck the police Fuck em!
  7. Amen sir!!!! Amen!!!!

    Allow me to introduce myself...I am a man of great knowledge. A veteran, a man with three successfully grown sons. The man who rolls the perfect joint in the perfect time. I am fucked up, and I just found this forum, and I like it. So expect to hear from me, hehehe.
  8. BPP, I think you're right on track with your comment to any LawDogs cruising this site!! SJ, and the TRUE Bladies and Blades here at the "CITY" do NOT condone or promote ANY type of dealings or hook-ups!!!!!! Like BPP said, Leave us alone and get after some REAL criminals!!!!!

    Another example of wasted tax dollars!!!

    RMJL, I've been missin' "chattin" with ya, but hope to be around more soon!!

    Jebediah, nice to "meet" ya, welcome to the "CITY", sounds like you'll fit right in here!
  9. Web Swinger is what they are calling a part of this investigation. They are mainly looking for dealers. But like Cowboy said watch your ASS!!!

  10. If only all potheads would unite, it could happen (wish it would)
  11. ok, number one, i havent been here long and even IVE noticed the whole asking for a hookup thing, sensi and i had a conversation on it the other day as a matter of fact

    and number two, ive been sayin that whole "everybody stand up and blaze all at once thing" ever since ive been here...there is no fucking way in hell the higher powers would shut down the nation just to put all the pot heads in the prison space that they dont have...especially when half the people that would be making the arrests would be blazing too~
  12. COWBOY!!!!!

    Hey! It's good to see that you are alive and well! How's life treatin' you???? We miss you, man. You better come and hang out with us.
  13. i'm new, and i guess the questions i have asked might seem to some as wanting to find a hookup here, but no. i too am not that stupid.

    i might be a newbie who has yet to blaze, but i have common sense. i am just trying to get general info to help me be safer and smarter about it.

    overall everyone has been really helpful, and this is one forum i am constantly returning to. keep it up. hope the US government eventually pulls it's collective head out of its ass and make some meaningful legislation.

  14. Recently I've noticed something very similar at, and even in very particular channels on very particular servers on irc, which in my opinion is even more worrysome. I saw something about that date rape drug bust thing on cnn yesterday and the first thing I thought about when I saw that it was a big internet bust was that thread a while ago about people asking for hookups through grasscity. Apparently I wasn't the only one. We need to be careful not to turn this into a nasty witch hunt however, but considering nothing illegal is happening at this site I'm not too worried about that.
  15. HIGH All, yes I sit here laughing also. When I was in my dismanteled growroom (wink wink) wondering why someone would go to any Marijuana Information Grow sites to look for marijuana. From What I hear it would probably be easier to buy MJ on the street. Glad to see the Mods deleteing the posts mentioned.
  16. Namron my bad bro I didn't see it I guess but i'll try findin the thread. Anyways, yeah the government would be screwed and we'd all make headlines throughout the world and news. Cannabis-Strike, if they ever actually tried to do that I would definitely go over there...I'm hoping most of you (if you can afford it)...would protest too...But god knows, maybe it'll be legal before that has to happen? or maybe im just real real stoned and about to go to school...hmmmmm
  17. nahhhhhhh man, i aint mean it like that :p i was just sayin, ive had the same idea before, lol, and it would work...i am fairly confident in saying that, its just the fact that everyone that smokes, would never do that. too many people are scared.
  18. i guess you guys hate you're govt delving into you're perssonal lives as much i hate mine telling me what i can and cannot do as well......"Hey fony Tony, you can kiss my ass" and you're fucking police and the mi5 who i think will probably be doing the same thing as in's my body, it's my house and it's my fucking life...!! i pay for that right from my own y'all can go and get fucked by Dirk Digglers dick for all i care......boy that feels better....some emotions just had to be released there.....Peace out....Sid
  19. hehe, dirk digglers dick...

    say that 50,000 times fast
  20. hahaha ......funny shit

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