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Discussion in 'General' started by Questabella, May 27, 2013.

  1. Me and a few buds were looking to go away on a vacation here are a few rumors ive been hearing:
    Jamiaca- all around good times, good women, good activities, good food, and of course bud only negative price at 1400.

    Dominican: alright food, cant leave resort, a lot of older crowd/honeymooners, decent price 1000

    Mexico:i dont wanna die/get kidnapped/chopped up

    Cuba: lots of women, lots of partying, horrible food, cheap price 700

    Anyone have any personal experience any of these places?
  2. Cancun and playa del Carmen are fun as fuuuck. It's hard not to have a good time there. Regarding the safety of these regions, it's very well kept and I'm yet to hear about a kidnap/murder in this area. This is a huge tourist spot, and like the only part of Mexico that isn't directly associated with the cartel bs.

    I haven't been to any other places you mentioned, but I've heard good things bout Jamaica and Bahamas (although I heard Bahamas a bit more $) but definitely go with the all inclusive deal. It's the only way to travel/ vacation at resorts like these. My honest opinion.
  3. Yeah, one time i got kidnapped and chopped up in Mexico. Never went back.
  4. They're all the same because there's only a few select cities you can go to which are all touristy. If you just want women, weather, beach, drinks, and gambling, I say just go to Puerto Rico. A trip there won't cost you too much; you can find decent hotels, the gambling won't cost you much, the drinks are cheap, and it's not hard to find good looking women.
    But I recommend that as Plan B.
    I live in Miami, I've been all over the Caribbean  and I'm telling you right now, the best thing is a cruise. I've been on three Caribbean cruises and it just makes everything more convenient  You can have fun on the cruise, go out to the local cities/beaches whenever you feel like and come back when you feel like you've had enough for the day. And the food is plentiful and great; if you go on Royal or Princess. The prices for cruises can actually go so cheap that you'll save money rather than flying out and grabbing a hotel. Look those up.

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