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  1. Hey everyone, back when I first joined I posted about a toke kit/box that I had made. Since then I've upgraded a couple times and I think it's time to share where I'm at.

    In the thread I created a few years back someone referred me to Pelican Case, a brand of equipment cases. About a year ago I decided to get a better smoking kit and found a Pelican Case 1500. The inside of the case comes with a layer of foam that's all cut into squares so you can easily pull out the pieces you want to contour all your stuff. These cases are lockable, shock proof, waterproof and airtight most of the time. They usually come with a pressure release valve to make sure they don't build up pressure and rupture. If that valve it venting you might be able to smell the contents.

    I numbered the items so you guys know what's what.


    1. Small Bong. The first one I ever bought and only one to survive. It has a big crack in it but is still going strong.
    2. Bong Bowl, I have a cone style right now. Until I break this one...
    3. Pipe, Just a regular glass pipe.
    4. Arizer Air, dry herb vaporizer. Awesome unit.
    5. YoCan Evolve Plus, wax/oil/shatter pen. Another awesome unit.
    6. Two glass mouthpieces for the Arizer.
    7. Two dab tools in plastic tubes. One is for clean/solid shatter and extracts. The other is for messier sticky extracts and homemade oils.
    8. Chargers for all the vapes plus extras.
    9. Glass Jar to hold my grinder, it also holds three of the small silicone shatter/extract jars.
    10. Bag with a bunch of cardboard for filters.
    11. Rolling papers
    12. Little jar with glass pipe screens, under it is where I keep some spare vape parts and coils.
    13. Pill bottle I use as an ash tray.
    14. Two Zippo lighters and a Zeus torch lighter.
    15. Wenger Swiss Army Knife with scissors for cutting filters, scraping, tweezers... It's a Swiss Army Knife.
    16. Over-Sized storage, this is where I put all the other stuff that won't fit anywhere, bottles and bags of bud, weed related paperwork, everything else.
    So that's my smoking kit. The lid has a big electric traced sticker from a jobsite my old roommate used to work at to make it look like work gear. When it's closed it basically looks like any other equipment box, if anyone asks I say it's a mold testing kit.

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