All I need is a box to start growing.

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  1. All I need is a grow box, doesn't need to be stealthy, just needs to work.

    I have 0 experience making stuff, I do have common sense, I DO NOT have tools :(

    A simple design would be preferable, I could borrow some tools maybe but please name everything I need.

    3' x 3' x 6' or something of that shape and size, this or smaller.
  2. Why not to get a tent ? Quality tent same size will cost you $180 or so . If money are tight try to get Light House grow tent 4x4x6 for $129 . You can try eBay , but be ready for some bad surprisess .... Why tent because even if you build the box ad the end you will end up saving about $60 ... Do not forget that even a small things such as screws cost money...and also how much do you value your own time ? On the top of that tent can be removed at anytime and set up is easy . If you end up making the box here is the shopping list ( not including the tools : plywood , Mylar or flat white paint , paint brush , staples , L shape metal brackets , screws , hings that will hold your door(I do not know the English word for that .door swings ??? )) , hooks to attach your light and carbon filter , foam to seal the holes... May be couple of more things....
  3. If you have them cut your wood at the store the only tools you really need are a drill, tape measure, and a pencil.
  4. Like Not Sure says, you can have a store cut the wood... but I would really suggest looking into a grow tent...

    I personally have little know-how or tools to make a quality box... so I opted for the tent instead and have been very happy with it...
  5. You can always buy a dresser off Craig's list and gut it..
  6. Heres a concept grow box example.

    You can make your own dimensions and go to a hardware store and have them cut the wood planks to the sizes you want. If following this example closely, put an air intake or two on the inner bottom and the carbon filter+exhaust on the inner top, not smack in the middle like it has it there.:smoke:
  7. Screws ($7), brackets (>$20), eyebolts ($3), hinges ($5), and paint ($10) = $45 ...1/2" sheathing $17 per sheet (4'x8') if you want a 3x3x6 you're going to need 3 sheets. Add caulk and weatherstripping for light leaks and you're up over $100.

    You can definitely buy a small tent for the same money and save yourself a lot of time and headaches, especially if you have no experience working with wood. On the other hand, working with wood is a very rewarding experience, and can be of much better quality than most pre-fabricated retail kits, fully customized right down to the inch to your exact preferences and needs. For your situation, I'd just go with an old wardrobe or cabinet and put most of your budget into lights, ventilation, good soil, good nutes.

    Buying a tent would be my last choice, I just have no preference for them. (unless I needed something that can be dismantled and stored away, which I don't)
  8. Grow box is very helpful for growing the plants. But, If you going through certain process and you need to use certain tools which really works on it. There are Trowels, forks, Transplanter, cultivators, wooden handle tools,power grip side cutter, long nose plier etc. are the tools which are need to grow plants.
  9. What are you saying man... None of those are needed.
  10. If anything wrong regarding my information then I am sorry for that. Might be I was mistaken to understand your information.
  11. "All I need is a box to start growing" <-this.... I'm sure he already has his side grip transplanter forks to grow pot with :p
  12. I'm not sure if Im overly stoned or not...but..what?

  13. Lmao, I'm with omdogg. All those things are nice but not necessarily necessary. Ya know?
  14. I really need some advice on what nutes I grow with, and what the easiest way to mount CFLs below the canopy, because I am going to add those when the plants get a little taller or 2 t5 tubes below.
  15. I would go for the t5s..

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