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Discussion in 'General' started by I Toke Alone, Feb 12, 2014.

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    2 fat bowls of green crack + 15 beers + 2 more bowls of green crack, all within 3 hours = mind fuck orgasm from Mars. I feel like an asteroid shot from space while I was walking in circles outside tripping balls to pink floyd and hit my brain and inserted a gateway to another deminsion.

    Fuck yeah! This is sick!
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    This is the first thread I've made about it, homeboy. I simply posted something similar in a different thread.

    Chill out. You sound the type of guy trying to ruin my good time. I simply was hoping for some blazed blades to come in here and share similar stories of expanding their minds tonight.
  3. Beer = Expanding minds? OP go home, you're drunk.  :smoke:
  4. If your around where I live then you were messed up at like 5in the am on a Wednesday morning.
  5. Haha yep I've had green crack before it's amazing!!!

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  6. Green crack is crack, for me
    don't forget there is already the "unofficial i'm drunk thread" as well.
  8. Holy shit OP 15 beers in 3 hours? You must be one big dude because i'm like 195 with a really high alcohol tolerance and 15 beers in 3 hours would put me out like a light.

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