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All i have left, enough to get me high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cnote1239, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. lol i'm not used to having this little weed. It's just some loose leaves and stuff at the bottom of the bag of an O that i bought. (decent mids, dealer claimed it was "dank" not quite... still it's all good) penny included for a size comparison. I was gonna roll it all up into some joints, whaddaya think? enough?

  2. Man, if that is weed, it should be enough to get ya high, but that doesn't even look like weed man.
  3. Cram that shit into a gravity bong, man. It'll get you way higher on small amounts of weed.
  4. Ehh, yeah, it's enough to get you high, but it's all leaves and very little bud.
    I'd roll it up into something.
  5. lol i know it doesn't it's all the leaves and little ass parts of nugs that fell to the bottem. theres a lil bit of tobacco in there that i accidently dropped in there when i was stoned.
  6. Why are you asking? Go see if it does.........
  7. take those stems out and roll a) some joints or b) a blunt
  8. that dont look like bud man.. just some random herb that actualy can get u high.. but thats just terrible for u. I wouldnt even smoke that.
  9. It doesn't look like bud to me either.

    At all.

    I wouldn't smoke it.

  10. if you have a bong i'd do that instead. filters it out a little more because that's gonna be a harsh hit
  11. doesnt even look like weed lol
  12. If its all leaves and stem just save it up and eventually make some hash or somethin
  13. alooot of leaves. lol did it get u high?
  14. if the buds got you high then that trim sure will GO FOR IT~!
  15. ya know, tbh, those stems and leaves actually look better than the o i picked up the other day. shits dry in buffalo.
  16. I'd just keep it and use it as filler for a blunt or a half full bowl or something.
  17. I wouldn't bother with it. It doesn't even look like bud, let alone dank.

    I'm hoping you didn't pay too much for that...
  18. I usually save up stuff like this and make it into hash.

  19. Lmfao @ all these "that doesn't even look like bud" people.. That is, because it is trimmings.. God.. I bet most of you just saw someone else say it and just said "Oh, that's not even bud" just because they did. -.-'

    But, yeah man, that should get you a good buzz/high, depending on how much you usually smoke. Not too sure on that, so I dunno 100%. Just try and see... Some up and come back and tell us if it got you high :p
  20. fuck all thats. just throw it in a pan with a couple cups of vegatable oil .

    let it simmer for a awhile. then make something small. or just drink the oil if you can handle it.

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