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All I had to do was talk about it.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Scooley01, May 6, 2011.

  1. So I had smoked handful of times in the past, but never very often, always with other people and always their stuff. I had never bought my own and I didn't have a connection or even know how to get one. I have another thread from a week or so ago where after a coincidental meeting on a local message board, a guy hooked me up with his dealer and took me over there and bought a couple grams for me and asked the guy if he could give me the dealer's number.

    Anyways, because I never actually met the dealer, I felt a little awkward about calling him to set something up, so I've just been kind of putting it off (even though I want to, because it was good shit).

    So tonight at work (I'm a manager at a fast food restaurant) I was chatting with my employees, and for some reason they were all really chatty tonight about stuff not usually appropriate for work (Sex, mainly) and everyone was in a really good mood. I'm the 'cool' manager so obviously I'm not hassling them about it as long as the customers can't hear, and they were making an effort to include me in the conversation, and I was laughing and joking as much as I could.

    Anyways, at some point the conversation turned to alcohol, and from alcohol to weed, and they were talking about how if they ever drug tested our employees, pretty much everyone would fail even though no one ever does it at work. They decided that out of everyone in the store tonight, I was probably the only one that didn't smoke, and I just said "You might be surprised who smokes..."

    In the end, it turns out that every single one of my staff tonight can hook me up with someone that sells. I guess I always knew that most of them smoked, but we're not allowed to hang out with employees off the clock (Due to a manager having sex with a minor employee...bad stuff) so I never really thought about them as people I could talk to about it...

    ...And that's a really long post about how I found out I've basically been sitting on 8-10 connections for several years that I didn't know about...
  2. Congrats bro, you'll be surprised how many people smoke. Well I live in BC Canada where polls actually show that 53% of people here "partake" in smoking weed.
  3. Yeah like I said, I knew that most of the people that worked there smoked, but really it's not something that comes up at work a lot, and even if it did I think most times they would stop talking about it around a manager, and also it'd never really be something that I would approach them about, just because I wouldn't want my job to get screwed over it if someone has a big mouth. But just the mood tonight, and me making a few ambiguous comments led to a really open discussion where everyone but one person said that they do, at least semi-regularly, and the one that doesn't isn't against it, he just says he doesn't really like it personally (Which I can respect). Plus, I was already the 'cool' manager so I think I just gained more cool points with them haha.
  4. What a boss ass boss.
  5. Smh. :smoke:
  6. Yeah, it was a big problem for a while...he did it with several of them. We have a lot of high school kids that work for us, and a lot of little slutty jail bait girls that think hanging all over the managers will get them ahead in the restaurant. Only one manager was dumb enough to actually do it though.

    Well two actually...there's our Director of Operations, who (back before he was promoted, when he was just an employee, but still 18+) had a threesome with TWO 16 year olds who spread like peanut butter. It's so funny how he acts all business now, and I've got that dirt on him (He doesn't know I know).

    It's funny, if you've ever seen the movie Waiting, you don't realize how much truth there is to that movie until you've worked in a restaurant...

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