All Females?? What are the odds??

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  1. So this is my first grow.....

    I asked a friend to set aside some seeds from a good bag he had one day

    I sprouted 2 of those seeds and vegged them in my bubble buckets

    now that they have been under 12/12 for 3 weeks.....I have 2 females.....

    Do I just have crazy beginners luck with 2 out of 2 females?

    I was totally expecting to cut down both plants as soon as they showed their pollen sacks

    I still have a whole bunch of the same seeds that I am currently sprouting.....just incase my clones don't make it

    anyone else ever had this good of luck?

    can bag seed ever be feminized?
  2. Well, mathematically you had a 25% chance of two females, so I'm not too surprised.

  3. 2 out of 2 is good, they say you have about a 50% chance of having either male or female, so I imagine it's fairly common to get 2 girls out of 2 plants. I'm not sure if bagseed can actually be feminized, I guess I would have to know more on how they actually feminize a seed.
  4. I'm growing bag seed right now so i hope i have your ever bag seed will always be a 50/50 chance of being a male or female. And just because it's male doesn't mean its not worth flowering if u can do it away from females. I'm not to familiar about feminizing seeds yet so i don't if you can do it to bag seed but i would imagine you probably can.

  5. Really good if you got your seeds from me. I selectively pollinate to increase the ratio of females to males and know several other growers that do the same, a couple of them are commercial growers.

    As for bagseed being feminized, any strain can be feminized, genetics have little to do w/ making female seeds...the only exception may be Thai strains b/c they tend to be very sensitive and often have hermie traits.

  6. How likely or unlikely is it to flip a coin twice and get heads both times? As Rusty said, a 25% likelihood isn't favored odds but not at all out of the question.
  7. If you are serious, this isn't the place for that topic. And if you are trying to make a joke, which I suspect, it isn't funny and isn't appreciated on GC. Take your paranoid prejudices elsewhere.

  8. Uh, we are talking about growing, and if you are that immature to make such a random comment that has nothing to do w/ growing or the subject matter of this thread, then maybe you would feel more comfortable in the non-growing areas of this forum.

    Personally, I take growing very seriously....very very serious! My knowledge of strains, breeding, and growing are greatly appreicated by those that are truly passionate about growing and learning. I find most people who grow are not passionate enough about it, it is all hit or miss and they buy their seeds rather than create their own, do not breed, and just grow avg. flowers which make them happy. There are those few select people on here that grow and are passionate and truly share a love for the plant, myself included.

    Yes, most Thai strains possess hermie traits and they are some of most sensitive strains I have ever grown. Which is why you probably do not see many pure IBL Thai strains feminized. Most IBL Thai strains are crossed to cut down or even illiminate the hermie traits.

    It is not uncommon to get 2 seeds turn female. My last seed run started w/ 8 seeds and gave me 8 females, but almost every seed I possess was produced by me to keep a strain going and so I do not have to buy seeds. I see nothing wrong w/ isolating a bud or 2 for seed as long as you do it selectively and are detailed in your phenotype selections and look for key characterisitics which you want to carry on.

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    1. It is not a random comment. I live here in Asia as an expat, and I can tell you unequivocally that Thai men do indeed have a disposition towards becoming transsexuals/ladyboys. Linking traits from a plant from a certain region to their people, I think, is at the least--interesting, and indeed related to the subject matter--Thais and sexuality. It's an innocuous comment akin to mentioning that black strains tend to come from Africa, yellow strains come from Asia, and if we can use your post as a litmus test, stupid strains come from the USA.

    2. I'm glad you fancy yourself as a master-breed-tor, but I'm pretty sure I was crossing strains before your father began cross-dressing. Rating yourself so highly can be quite amusing, particularly with the advent of Google. I've never heard of you or this forum until yesterday (there are like 500 useful dope-growing forums dontchaknow).

    But to dis people that grow just from seeds instead of "breeding their own" is just douchebagery. Because you assume. Dissing random people because you think everyone else grows "average flowers" is just the musings of a 10-year old intellect. Because you assume. Assuming you are the only "passionate" person that grows is obviously a THC-fog induced myopia. So, jusdging by the lack intellectual vigour, you probably do indeed grow good dope. Then again, I'm not sure if growing something that grows as easily as crab-grass is something worth bragging about. That's like me being as conceited as you about driving my car to the mall. I don't get out of the car, and brag to other drivers (all of whom are also driving to the mall) how great I was at driving to the mall.

    3. To go off on a lecture on someone's first post to a forum is douchebagery. And dude, you only have like 500-some posts. Not exactly someone I'd be taking sage advice from--on any forum, regarding any topic.

  11. knob or noob? Yes, I can be utterly knobby when someone wants to argue with me. And notice who starts demeaning and lecturing other posters. I simply made a harmless similie (absolutely true) about Thai weed. Then this guy brings up his BS.
  12. I was not bothered about your comment but that reply sucked BIG TIME!

    Maybe you should have kept em both to yourself is all and maybe not have a go at GC and its members who often give great advice.

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    I laughed out loud, but you sir are the douchebag. It's funny that you bring post count into the equation at all. Considering yours is three, I'll disregard everything you say because you've clearly never grown before (based on your post count). It's clear that the similie was only drawn for shock value.

    Less knows what he's talking about, whenever he responds he does so thoughtfully and intellectually. There are like 500 useful dope-growing forums dontchaknow? You could go dick off there.
  14. Yes. My post count was zero until I posted in this thread. I'm not offering advice.

    Really? Thoughtfully and intellectually? LOL. Put down the joint, man.
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    Actually, it's a true statement. I know, to mental midgets, this statement might "sound" somehow prejudiced. However, it's not. Even in Thailand, they are rather proud of their ladyboy "alternative" scene.

    Before you judge, you should perhaps contemplate meaning and intent before calling prejudice.

  16. Who had a go a whom first? Perhaps you should re-read the thread?
  17. So you joined GC to argue? Out of the hundreds of other grow forums around the web just how many have sent you packing???

    Why can't you chill out? This thread is getting crap and way off topic.

    Now lets all say sorry and have a fresh start, and a big SORRY to the OP for trashing his thread!
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    No. Please re-read what I wrote. I made an observation which was true, and what I thought germaine to the topic. I was then summarily ripped apart for no reason. There are other ways to censor speech. He didn't have to go off like that on someone's first fucking post to the forum--and chastising someone for keeping only to "serious" content ON A THREAD TOPIC ASKING ABOUT ODDS OF SEX fer chisssakes. If this were some serious gene splicing thread, OK, understandable. But in a thread where.....oh man, nevermin...
  19. <-- still laughing imagining myself getting out my car and going, "man, I drove AWESOME". Sorry for trashing your thread, OP. Happy to hear you got two ladies out of the deal :)
  20. you kicked poor boognish off his own thead this totally went off topic

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