All Eyez On Me Vs. Me Against The World

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  1. Or 2Pacs Greatest Hits compilation album. What do you think is the overall best album and if you could only have one which would it be?
  2. Me Against The World has Dear Mama

    Should be obvious which is better
  3. [quote name='"Paperhouse"']Me Against The World has Dear Mama

    Should be obvious which is better[/quote]

    Greatest hits has Dear Mama too. And all that other good shit like Trapped and Changes , but each has classics exclusive to each album so i'm kinda indecisive with only enough space for one more album on my iPod lol.
  4. All Eyez on me has only god can judge me now

    All eyez on me-ambitionz az a ridah, scandalouz, all bout u, got my mind made up, how do u want it, 2 of amerikaz most wanted, no more pain, heartz of men, life goes on, only god can judge me now, tradin war stories, california love, all eyez on me, i aint mad at cha, cant c me, shorty wanna be a thug, holla at me, wonda why they call u bitch, when we ride, thug passion, picture me rollin, check out time, rather be ya *****, run tha streetz, aint hard 2 find, heaven aint hard 2 find

    all eyez on me

    only song that isnt good is "whatz ya phone #"

    greatest album ever.
  5. All eyez on me.
  6. All Eyez On Me, though I do really enjoy Me Against The World.
  7. All eyez on me is a better album overall to jam and cruise to... but me against the world is just so deep and awesome. Neither is better.. both are equally as awesome and unique

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