All Eyez On Me or Life After Death?

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  1. Which double album do you guys prefer?
  2. Big > Tupac, imo
  3. I'm personally going with All Eyez. A lot more fun to smoke to and Life After Death had some shoddy production on it.

    However I still prefer BIG over Pac, although I love both of them.
  4. I'm a pac-man any day. i love big too, don't get me wrong. but the amount of amazing beats pac had... and something about his style. all eyez on me just had a fuckin ridiculous amount of gems on it.
  5. tupac over big any day
  6. Album to album, I think All Eyez is better.

    I'm kinda flip floppy on the whole Pac/Big issue.
  7. Anyone who thinks Biggie's better than Tupac has obviously never heard some of Pac's best songs..

    Biggies has like, what? 3 good songs? EVERY song Tupac ever created is tight as hell. An example: All Eyez On Me. You can play that whole album all the way through and not get bored.

    All Biggie ever rapped 'bout was how much the chicks dig 'em.. 'n yeah, Pac rapped about that shit, too, but it wasn't his only source of inspiration. :rolleyes:
  8. You can't be serious. And AEOM sports plenty of filler, Tupac has some great individual songs but he's never made a classic album, front-to-back.

    Ready to Die
    > Tupac's career, I'm sorry but it's true.
  9. first of all, this all comes down to a matter of opinion. i personally think that pac has several front-to-back classics. i also know plenty more people who would be willing to argue with you about this subject, just as i'm sure you know plenty who'd be willing to defend you.

    secondly, comparing a single album to someone's career just doesn't work, nor does proving any of what we're discussing about.
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    My tongue was planted firmly in my cheek as I typed that but there's some truth in measuring artists not by quantity but the quality of their work.

    And opinion? Biggie had better A)Flow, B)Lyrics, C)Rhyme-structure and D)Cadence; Tupac has this absolutely mental following and while I can appreciate the qualities his fans see in him I just can't, as a hip-hop fan, sit here and honestly tell you that in any point in Tupac's career was he a stronger emcee/artist then Biggie was.
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    OK, dude.. I can think of three albums right off the top of my head that are front-to-back classics.

    -Until The End Of Time
    -All Eyez On Me
    -Still I Rise

    Some of 2Pac's greatest shit came out after his career was over and done with. I've listened to TONS of Biggie and TONS of Tupac, and I'm tellin' you: Tupac was the brightest, deepest, realest, most natural rapper the world has ever seen. Not one other artist (in all genres) has shown true grit like Tupac did.

    And above all, Tupac's shit was actual MUSIC. He was not only a lyrical genious, but musical as well, and he showed that. Perfect example is a song from All Eyez On Me.
    [ame=""]YouTube - 2Pac Run Tha Streetz[/ame]

    EDIT: Don't get me wrong, I'm not sayin' Biggie ain't good, I'm just sayin' that the two artists shouldn't even be talked about in the same sentence 'cause they're on two completely different levels.
  12. Screw those ablums, Ready To Die is the best.

  13. You're crazy. Listen to Ready To Die, every song on there is genuis. Big Poppa is a club song and obviously not his best work.
  14. qft. if you dont have ready to die in full, go get it! pop it in and spark a blunt.
  15. wow.....

    tupac is possibly the most over rated rapper of all time! he has 9 albums and one and a half good ones.

    definitely life after death
  16. ok yall we really dont needa get in this know it will go on it ALWAYS has with millions of people.

    and to the person who said tupac is over rated...lil wayne is over rated.

    i chose all eyez because i love pac, he's amazing...and all in all it was a much better album than biggies
  17. SMH you either have bad taste or never sat down and listened to RTD or LAD
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    im kind of insulted that you assumed i like lil wayne. or any other commercial bullshit. fuck 90% of modern rap period.

    lupe is the king of hip hop right now
  19. lol nah i wasnt sayin you liked him im just sayin...over rated is lil wayne.

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