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All day every day?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kutabuds, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. So uh, do you guys smoke all day every day, like if you go a few hours without being blazed you just cut sick?

    I used to but now I just smoke in the afternoons after work.
  2. It depends. If I'm working from home they yes sometimes I'll keep a buzz going all day. When I'm on the road I'm often in meetings at customer sites all day, so I save it for the evenings.
  3. when i have bud i save it till after work. it's nice to work hard all day then come home, have a joint in my car with some music on, and just relax with my gf and watch some movies or something.
  4. Usually my smoking begins somewhere around 1-2pm and after that it's usually 2 bowls every hour an a half, but it's always with my 2 friends who are always down to match so it works out really well.
  5. yeah, there are often days when im blazing all day, at least a snap or two every hour, at least.
    but bud has been lighter these days :(
  6. I havent been sober in over four months.

    I usually get up in the middle of the night to smoke a bowl aswell.:bongin:
  7. You sir are a champion, I smoke 1 - 2 times a day, Which is like 3 - 5 cones.
  8. If I'm at home, I'm smoking. On workdays I usually wake up and go through 2 Volcano bags before I head in to work and then I'm straight until I get home that night.
  9. my work is smoke?
  10. it all depends. On weekends when I'm chillin the the g.f we'll chill all day n smoke. But on the weekdays it'll sometimes be before school . But I usually save it for after I get outa work
  11. Well done son (Y)

    Whats the longest you guys have gone without being sober at all, mines probably 9 months, but I wanna meet a cunt that hasn't stopped being stoned for years... and slap him in the face with a fish and see if he's too cooked to notice
  12. Not all day everyday. Mostly after work I burn a bowl get my high and enjoy doing what ever needs to be done.
  13. This is such a ridiculous thread. I've probably gone years without missing a beat, but that isn't anything to brag about nor does it make anyone cool.

    As for the 'I wake up in the middle of the night to smoke a bowl' dude, just wow. I hope when I grow up I'm as cool as you are :rolleyes:
  14. It's interesting to find out what people consider "smoking alot of weed" coz I managed to stay awake through that super high me movie and I didn't think he lived up to his promise of smoking alot of herb
  15. i havent been sober for longer then 3 days since july 2006

    i smoke all day every day i usually start at 7:00-7;30 then go to class
    i smoke at 11 am
    3 pm
    5 pm
    then 11 pm and repeat thats my week depends on my work load but my tolerance is pretty high so smoking really does not effect me too much
  16. I like to blaze after lifting..and again if I have a couple hours before work, I try not to go into work too senselessly ripped though :p

    For me, I'll get high if I have the time, if not, I try not to sweat it.

  17. I usually wale up because of my crohn's disease. which means I rarely go a night without needing to shit really bad or vomit......or both. if I didnt smoke all day everyday, my life would be a lot of pain.

    but I suppose if you put fourth the effort you could grow up to be me. you might not be able to get crohn's, but theres plenty of lifelong diseases out there.:rolleyes::p
  18. My apologies. I've used it for insomnia at night; I made the false assumption that you meant just to get up and get high. Medicine is another matter!
  19. nah its just an overused phrase

    only when i need it

    its like medicine
  20. I enjoy my times of sobriety sometimes as much as being stoned. It's a give and take thing.

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