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Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Mar 6, 2003.


does posting this thread make digit a sell out?

  1. SELL OUT! sould your soul to the demons or maketing and capitalism.

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  2. nahh... Still an artist. just struggling for reccognition like most artists out there.

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  1. ^cheeky little fun poll^

    sorry for doing this... i feel like such a marketing man, and i hate that. but i still really gotta get loadsa votes on this thread so i can go into the Entiprise Company with some confidence.

    and please... no crazy edittin critter, or anyone else.
    this is my future hanging on this... my path outta poverty and parental dependancy.

    digit, the blatant advertising and marketing man.

    -note to mods, especially super J. if what i'm doing is outta line do tell me. I won't be doing this when (if ever) i'm trading.
  2. enterprise co?
  3. ALL HAIL, MR CORPORATE SPONSER DIGIT!..Nah, jus kidding ;)

    oh..umm..I just realized that you may be talking about the text thats under the poll...tooo high to read it....but , yeah......
  4. I don't know about this...

    If you think you're skating close to the line, you should be asking supejoint first.

    I think it's cool and all, but it's still advertising (for your gain) for free when it costs to keep this place up and running.

    Don't go overboard and you might skate through.

    Using this place to further your own finances isn't fair to superjoint.

    Get his permission and all's well. You only have that one thread right now.

    You should get permission before putting up any more.

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