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all as one

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by livin_large609, May 24, 2003.

  1. Im sittin here on an eighth of mush and a gram of some prime weed, listinin to Del tha funky homosapian thinkin how sweet it would be to have a place where you could go and like chill with some1 of the other race and walk away without being a wigger, and fukin mixed all together without bein different, because no matter how much they say all races mix, you'll always walk away bein somethin different. Might be the shrooms talkin, i mean theres not even any black people in my town so fuck. But that would be sweet.

    Peace out
  2. sounds like Gene Roddenberry's original vision! :D

    we are one.

    even those who dont know it... we are one.
  3. we're not one, even if we took out all of the racial bullshit or cultural differences and even if we forgot about the past we wouldn't get along, everyone can't be friends with everyone. We are different, very different, the utopia of everybody pulling the same rope in the same direction can't be achieved. there's too much of us in here, TOO MUCH!!!!!!

  4. we dont need to be all pulling in the right direction to be one. regardless of all that shit u say... we are still one.

    our actions may often be close to 'suicide', but we are still one.
  5. And how are we one? as a race? as an ecosystem? and come to think of it why should we be one? Humans don't get along with each other too well, animals don't get along even inside their own group (group = type of animal).
  6. that is called difference of interest, and leads to competition. basically the foundations of western democratic-capitalist society.

    here we have two systems working in paralell, majority rule and special interest groups wanting their fair (and then some) piece of the pai.

    in short we humans don't *all* have to get along, but enough of us should be able to find some common ground to rally around so that we all don't wash down the toilet.

    also known as democracy and human rights.
  7. well said Zy.

    we are "one" on many different levels... its all a matter of how far you want to go.

    if we go to the greatest extremes i can think of;
    we are all made of the same stuff.
    we all are bound by the same laws of physics and exist in the same dimensions. we all exist in the same 'universe'.

    but even to less an extreme;
    we all share the same basic DNA,
    we all spawn from the same Evolutionary chain (or we all come from Adam and Eve, etc, for other beliefs)
    we all exist on the same planet.

    there are many degrees of unifying comonality that make us one.

    there are many parts that make up the whole.
  8. ubik if we all pull the same rope we all win.
  9. is that what you really believe?

    it sounds awfully close to facism to me.
  10. yeah if we find enough people that are close to our opinions and views of how the world would be the best for us all. Democraty? nope just one opinion how the world should be, and if you force that view to "others" you are nothing more than an facist to "them"..........

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