All Arabs are angry terrorists with mustachios

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  1. Is it okay to make a movie demonizing jews? blacks? no.
    But we see all kinds of movies and films that show all arabs as angry, violent amurrican-hating people. who we then kill with the rightcheous sword of america

    Check out this movie// "Reel Bad Arabs," It shows how hollywood villifies arabs.
    [ame=""]Reel Bad Arabs[/ame]

    Before watching this movie I already knew that not all terrorists were arabs and not all arabs are angry haters of freedom, but it opened up my eyes a lot more to the way that state of mind came to be. The realization made my blood boil. still, the first image that comes to my head when i hear the word terrorist is a middle-eastern man with some kind of mustache/beard and a bomb strapped to his chest. :(


    That's the one.

    //The correlation to Nazism fuckin blew my mind

    p.s. Maybe this should have been put in the "Big Picture" section but I want a lot of people to see it, but go ahead and move it if you gotta
  2. Hollywood stereotypes everyone of every walk of life

    deal with it
  3. So it's okay to roll-over and let it happen?

    I'd rather TRY to seek out the truth than just deal with it.
    The media, linked with the bad people in the govt villify a nation so that an invasion can go down the throats of the viewers much more easily, and be justified.

    watch the video.
  4. The media stereotypes because it sells. Islam has been a major news piece for the last 10 years so people want to see what's in current affairs. Also it seems highly unlikely that they government teamed with the media to 'justify' the invasion because the vast majority of Americans didn't want the war to begin with and even more don't want it now.

    but anyway:






    you think the media would leave an untapped resource such as arabs?
  5. Just more Racism, and Hollywood films to me do seem pretty racist. We should do something about this though.
  6. What makes you think we're not all like that?

    On a serious note- stereotyping, especially of race, is unequivocally bad. Every race has unique and intelligent individuals with great potential, potential suppressed by ignorance and racism, two things which go hand in hand. But it's also true that Hollywood likely doesn't have much regard for this.
  7. I think we can all agree on one thing:

    fuck hollywood
  8. I stand corrected! i didnt mean to be so extreme.

    but it had to affect the judgement of americans who did want the war, and I believe that with help from information, like the video above, even more americans would be against the war, and against injustices in the future.

    and if people want to see current affairs, it shouldnt be solely about the kinda persons that make a whole people look bad, and i'm sure most people are coming around to that realization.

    I'm just saying it's better to know than not know//
  9. All in the pursuit of profit. so yes, Fuck Hollywood.

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