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  1. So my husband is out of town, and we usually smoke together at night. I smoke by myself during the day, but havent at night. When I was young there was a man who was stalking my mom, he sneaked into the house many times and terrorized us for a while. Needless to say, even though I am adult, being alone at night I can get uncomfortable very easily. I have two dogs, and my husband put a lock on our bedroom door and alarms on each door in the house. I am hoping when I smoke tonight this will help me feel more secure.

    I am out to rent some funny movies, and maybe a wii game, anyone out there recommend a silly wii game to play?
  2. all the wii games are silly.
  3. smoke a little and play wario ware, that game is just silly randomness
  4. I tried playing metroid, that game is not silly. Its fucking intricate as shit, I still cant figure out how to play the friggin game
  5. that was seriously the funniest thing I have ever read. that was right on. cant +rep you enough. :p
  6. I fucking hate games i cant play high... I was trying to play banjo kazooie or some shit and i couldnt figure out what the fuck to do... i ended up running around in circles
  7. Zelda, takes fr but being high it shouldn't be a problem to get through the high parts. If your the type of stoner who thinks everything through when you get high i recommend that game.
  8. Why not practice physical strength and meditation instead of playing a "silly wii game" that wont help you next time you feel uncomfortable and alone?
    Dogs can often be a false sense of hope, this I learned from "It takes a thief"
  9. tell us the games you have :)
  10. A high pitched "outside?" will rape any dogs head.

  11. looool, you said intricate
  12. Lol or a fat steak thrown at its feet.
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    I ended up renting rayman ravin rabbids 2? dont know how to spell) this shit is so funny those little rabbits are cute as hell! its kinda trippy too. Wario warees is hilarious as well. And as for Zelda, this is by far the best shit, my favorite to play is the very first zelda on nintendo

    also, my dogs kick any theives ass, theyll probably kick poo on them too :p
  14. Do you assume they will because they bark? If you care enough, I urge you to have someone dress in a mysterious outfit, and "play break in" your house with you there (obviously safely, a certain time, signal so you know its the play break in) and see how your dogs re act. Dont be a statistic.
  15. if ur worried about security just take two dough rollers, tie them together with some chicken-ties or wire and use them as nunchuks. if a rapist or some other weird fuck tries to come in your house you can be like "what now bitch" and he'll be like "oh god not my face" and you'll be like "yeah your face mothafucka" and he'll be like "oh shit she's hittin ma face" and you'll be like "awww yeah I am bitch eat it" and he'll be like "oh dayumm i'm eatin it" and you'll be like "booyah".
  16. Nunechuck practice often leads to self injury.
  17. Anybody can get past a dog, but nobody fucks with a lion!
  18. hahaha i can't breathe.

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