Discussion in 'General' started by weedboss, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. Very Quiet TOday in the city.

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  2. someone closed/stole the city for a while.

    its goooood to be back.
  3. Heyyyy!!! We Have Digit & a few others with us now, nice goin i was gettin scared *LOL* bein all alone in sucha big city.
  4. Present and accounted for.....
  5. supa j sez what happened in another thread.. some nasty peeps out there messin with hacky stuff.
    i think thats th longest its ever been down... there was once i remember it was down for hours and hours... idk if it was longer.

    good to see life slowly return.
  6. It was never down for me. i guess i was one of the lucky ones.
  7. Yeah it was down for me yesterday, was wondering what the hell was going on because I just got back from vacation yesterday.
  8. I was here by myself this morning. That happens every now and then.. Not a big deal though!
  9. so am i, ive been just going to the same 4 forums all day long since like 8 hours ago.. so bored, nothing to do.. actually helped my mom mow the lawn. waiting for a call back on some weed!

  10. Go out and do something then dude, or roll a phatty that should sort out most of your problems ;)

  11. Could turn into one though!! I've had to deal with many a hacker attack due to my job, and I can tell ya that if you're not prepared for a denial of service attack, it can cripple your system/site.....I've talked with SJ this morning and offered to help if needed....Rest assured City dwellers that things are being handled in a positive manner. SJ has security people on staff, they know they're job...... Our City is safe..... That and the fact that there are people with knowledge of how these things work that are willing to help our City will keep us safe....
  12. I was talking about being at the city by myself... ROTFLMMFAO!

    Thanks for the helping hand though mate!!!!
  13. Hehehe.....

    *Falls on floor stoned and drunk*

    Sorry about that BH.... We all know how substances can effect our comprehenstion (sp) sometimes....

  14. Hahahha don't bring your sober ass to a smoking drunk party.. lol!

    No problem my friend!

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