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All alone buying

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Moony, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hi GC,
    I'm completely brand-new to all of this. I grew up without many friends, so I never got the contacts/knowledge or experience of smoking with friends. So when I finally decided to try smoking, I came here to see what to do.
    I already know a dealer nearby (I live in a secluded neighbourhood, he's not very discreet about what he does), and now I'm wondering: What should I do? I don't know any friends to establish good contacts and such, and I'm afraid of getting ripped off (although the guides here really help).
    Do you guys have any advice on what to do, how much to pay, etc? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I can tell you it probably isn't a great idea to put anywhere in your post, let alone the beginning, "I didn't grow up with many friends".

  3. Better then "I'm so freaking high right now I want taco bell"?
    But really, I was more of a widespread kid, I knew everybody, just not very well. At all.
  4. this is completely irrelevant.. why waste your time even posting something so stupid.


    talk to the dude in your neighborhood, act chill tell him you wanna buy some.
    dont ever give money before you get the weed!
    and depending on what it is, the prices vary. if its shwag should be around 20-25 an 8th depending on where you live, and dank could go from 45-70 an 8th.

    heres its 20 8th of shwag, 60 danks

    and if your scared about being ripped off you could either ask the dude to weigh it infront of you, or buy your own little scale.

    8th = 3.5g
    quarter = 7g
    halfoz = 14g
    oz = 28g
  5. Either make friends with your neighbor or grow some :smoking:
  6. Stop being a pussy... walk to his house... bring a $20 bill with you... ask how much for a gram... will be $20 or less... if not, tell him to suck a dick... go home and smoke said gram... if it gets you high then buy from him again but in larger quantity. Man... it's weed, and it's not like you are gonna be picking up a pound or anything. Like other people said; pick up a scale if you want to be sure about not getting ripped off.
  7. I'm with OSG on this one. If you're kind of new to smoking and don't smoke too often and there's only one dealer in the area, fuck putting yourself in some sort of servitude to him by having to pick up ganja (dealers tend to tax new customers).

    Try to grow some yourself, it'll be so rewarding when all is said and done.
    And whatever extra you find yourself having you can have the dealer pay YOU for :D
  8. You have to know the guy. He wont sell to you if your a stranger. Just make friends with him and ask to buy some bud off of him. $20 a gram. No more than $120 a quarter 7 grams. Just know the guy and dont act shady just be real cool with everything. Buying weed should not be terrifying or hard.
  9. It's just weed. Ask him if he has anything and go from there. The worst thing that will happen is he says no and you still don't have anything.
  10. Buying weed is just like doing any transaction between a buyer and a seller. You just have to be discreet about it, for the dealer's sake since their punishment by the law is much more than yours.

    Honestly, buying weed when you're a noobie is a little nerve-racking. But now, after I've been smoking for a while I just do the deal, look at the bud, and then drive off. Best not to make a big deal about it. And get a scale, if you get ripped off, then find a new dealer.
  11. Be like bro can I get some of that green, and he'll be like word son.
  12. Don't do this. Look at the bud first. Smell it. If it's dank it should be a potent smell. It should look good. Crystals, hairs on it. nice color. Then make the deal.


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