All 4 plants wilted propellor leaves/droopy sativa/ all problems are below 1st leaf

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  1. I have a lot to say, but first, my setup:

    - 63 x 30 x 30 tent
    - Apollo horticulture 600W ballast (dimmed to 450) running the blue spectrum (MH)
    1 plant is an auto-flowering Moby Dick
    1 plant is a Super Lemon Haze
    The other 2 are bag seed from a male or hermi plant, but it smelled and looked like a fine strain.

    Now, as you can see my first unknown plant has yellow around its lower set of leaves, and also it's first set of propellor-shaped leaves have wilted off (they were yellow for awhile). The same can be said for all my other plants. If they haven't withered away their dry and yellow.

    Also, is it time to transplant? I included 2 pics of some pots I got today, one didn't state how many gallons it held (I know a common measure when talking about this stuff) but it did say it was 10 inches in diameter. I want my most healthy plants to be transplanted to the biggest pots, since I'm working in an enclosed space. The Lowe's jug/container with handle is pretty damn tall, 15 inches, with the terra cotta pot being just 10. I'd have to pluck holes in the bottom if I use it.

    Today marks 30 days even. I try to keep them as close to a timing schedule as possible but I can't figure out this damn light timer. A few times, they got almost 24 hours of light, but never more than 6 hours left in the dark. But more or less they get an even amount of lighting, or close to it. I introduced Fox Farms Grow Big for the first time two weeks ago, for one feeding, and haven't given it any since.

    I'm hoping these problems are because they need bigger pot :(

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    Included in this set of pics is all 4 plants. I transplanted two jiffy peat cups into larger gallon jugs cut-off at the top. They have since grown dramatically larger, I'll include a pic of when they were just in their small cups.

    I've also noticed that when I water, the water either pools up at the top rim or takes awhile to absorb. What could I do so that the water runs through the dirt? I tried to bury them up to their necks by the propellor sets.

    Look at the coffee cans extreme floppyness

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    No exhaust, just air coming in from my window dual-fan, on the lowest setting.

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