all 4 nuthin

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by xplicitcontent, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. Title: All 4 Nuthin

    look at tha bullsh't i been goin through
    all dis jus tah be wit you
    i dun kno, wha else can i do
    feelin like a game, bein played for a foo
    buh i dun want to be tha same
    wit chu, i thought i woulda change
    buh instead, in the end, jus got rearranged
    prolly worst then before from playin your game
    i prolly went insane, like a terrorist on a plane
    headin toward a building, cracked out from cocaine
    needles in tha vains, jus tryin to relieve my pain
    5 seconds till tha end, goin insane
    i already lost my brain, now i lost my head
    could care less if i wound up dead
    splattered on tha wall, last thing i see is red
    mah stories up in smoke tha truth remains unsaid
    layin on my deathbed, cuz i was mislead
    i thought this lead would kill you
    buh it killed me instead
    u hurtin me b'tch, knowin my wrists already bled
    wha u want me to do, u kno i'll neva pled
    plead, please, why should i get on my knees
    i'd ratha order me a russian b'tch from overseas
    at least she won't be bogus and always ditchin me
    now this how pissed i am, i hope you see
    imma take dis to six hundredth degree
    tha swarm of killer bees goin on a killing spree
    causing chaos, everyone better flee
    before tha rising comes of tha insanity
    tear down ya whole life till theres nuthin buh debris
    tha pain u caused me, i hope you see
    tha promise imma tell you, tha truth i guarantee
    that u and i, theres neva gonna be a we

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