All 2020 candidates support legalization, but what were they saying or doing 10 years ago?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by overgrow, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. We as voters need to take a close look at the 2020 candidates. If the wrong one chosen the cannabis industry could be headed for some dark times. Currently all of the 2020 candidates support cannabis in some form; of course they want on this bandwagon. But what were they saying 10 years ago when most of us were knee deep in the fight for legalization. Elizabeth Warren has been no friend to weed over the years and Kamala Harris used to be a prosecutor. A prosecutor that used to tout her many drug convictions over the years. For a candidate that seemed to be so concerned about the deplorable conditions in the border detainment facilities she didnt seem to mind sending young American citizens to prison for a simple drug conviction( marijuana possession to be exact) while she was a prosecutor. Not to mention all of the accusations of corruption and foul play involving her office. I could go down the list and go on all day. But the point is we need to take a close look at these candidates and not just listen to what they are saying now but what they have said and done in the past. The cannabis world as we know it is definitely going to be a changing landscape. Big business looming and the recent craze of branding everything have begun to show the darker side of what this industry could become. Legalization is now inevitable the only thing we as voters can change is what direction it goes in. So who are you voting for?
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  2. Hey as long as it's not a republican majority don't care
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  3. I just dont want cannabis industries future to be in the greed based choke hold of big business. While I agree anything is better than a Republican candidate; but who we elect is going to more than likely influence/control which way our industry is headed.
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  4. Stick with Trump. At least with him we know what we're getting.
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  5. An idiot in the White House? The entire world laughing at us? What are we getting?
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  6. To be fair you're saying anything is better than a republican, that's kind of ridiculous
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  7. When they're promising everything to everyone, how do you know what to believe?
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    Ya look at how they’ve voted in the past. If they voted how you would of then that’s ur guy.
    Anyone take this quiz yet?
    2019 Political Quiz
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  9. Not one of these people are a true Democrat. Not one. I don't trust Biden or warren. I am a lifelong Democrat and I know one when I see one. A Democrat are for working people and put America first Like FDR, JFK, RFK and Truman. Those are Democrats. I voted for Jill Stein last time and if she runs in 20/20 I'll vote for her again.
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  10. Its not his fault we get laughed at,,u cant polish a turd and this country is a turd js

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    If this country was a turd people wouldn't be risking their lives trying to get here by any means possible and no one is leaving. Wise up and realize how fortunate you are you were born here, you could have easily been born in some shithole country and dreaming about being an American like SmokinP does.
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