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  1. So 50% of you will hate me for purchasing an over-rated laptop made by Dell
    and 50% of you will be jealous for having a "nice" machine.

    I'm running Windows 7 and Ubuntu, half and half.

    I had my laptop running for about an hour today when suddenly the screen started bugging out...

    colors fading/fuzzy white noise type stuff.

    I restarted my machine a few times, and took the battery out and what not... after about an hour or letting the machine sit cold, I restarted it and it went back to normal

    Is this a sign of my video card going bad?

    The machine wasn't over heating or anything... Kind of happened spur of the moment.
  2. This is a sign of buying a machine that is worth half of what you paid

    lol buy for real, i have no clue. Check their website?
  3. Check your drivers maybe? Other than that the video card may be going bad, might have to send it in if its still under warranty. You may have just discovered why laptops aren't the best for gaming

  4. yea this. they get hot as fuck lol

    @OP, id suggest a cooler type design, either a stand off type deal (mstand, xstand, google those. belkin makes a cheap one) or a platform with some fans on it( these dont work as good IMO)

    Update all drivers from alienwares site if you didnt do that already. What temps are you averaging? (CPU, GPU, ect..)
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    heres a screen from speedfan


    Nothing really jumps out as "high"... 63c for a GPU isn't really high. But it is high considering I'm doing nothing but browsing the internet...

    The laptop is usually on my legs with proper ventilation... Dunno.

  6. 63c under a gaming load is about normal, if you get that temp just browsing the internet thats pretty darn high. Your card may just be overheating to heck and causing it to glitch out. Try and get a temp while you are running a game or something
  7. You're right I'm incredibly jealous you over paid out the ass for an under powered machine that sounds like it didn't even last a year.

    Your GPU is going out.
  8. How long have u had it? Call them and politely bitch could get a new one
  9. Man I knew i was going to get shit for this thread....

  10. That doesn't change the fact we tried to help you. Like I said, try and post your temps under a load like gaming or something. Also, if you are still under warranty contact alienware and they will fix any hardware related issues for you
  11. That GPU temp seems pretty damn high. My desktops is about 34*C at idle just watching youtube and browsing internet.

    Usually about 70*C after gaming for a while....

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