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  1. You need to take a chill pill bro. I don't care how other people waste their time, I'm simply giving MY OPINION on how pointless the logic of "i don't have time to read it, but I have time to post that I didn't feel like reading it all" is. I wasn't even speaking about you specifically. Buddha would be ashamed.
  2. Do you think the majority of UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin (not from our planet / solar system)
    man made?

    Why would extraterrestrial beings travel so far just to hover around before going back home? Observation?

    here's a movie that explores the possibility that UFOs are mostly man made
    [ame=""]YouTube - The Orion Conspiracy (Part 1 Of 2)[/ame]!
  3. anyone else value weed more than Money?
  4. thanks for posting that nugget. was a good so true too. money is way too important than it should they say money is the root of all evil.:smoke::smoke:
  5. I don't put much value in either. I have lots of money and unlimited weed so neither is really worth much. I value the love of my wife and my daughter. I value the joy I get from living and learning every day.

  6. you seem like such a cool dude...what a cute thing to say :)

    I think aliens exist because of the sheer enormity of the universe...what are the chances that we are the only intelligent life.....
    but also because of the sheer enormity of the universe, i think they'd have no reason to snoop around in our corner of the universe. they might not have even flied to their own moon yet :smoke:
  7. I am forced to value money because to get things to do the stuff I enjoy I must have money.

    To create art I must have pens, pencils, paint, colored pencils, and yadda yadda. It is so spendy though to get good quality stuff. To smoke weed I need money. To play video games I need money.

    Sometimes I wish we just traded each other for the use of what people made. Imagine a world where we didn't need budgets to create things.

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