1. Sup blades, so do you believe that aliens are real? If so or if not explain why you think that.
    I personally think their real because well think about it there has to be another species like humans out there some where thinking the same thing about us!
  2. nah we've confirmed that they're called reptilians now
  3. I don't currently believe aliens exist. I think it's extremely possible, but possibility doesn't equate to existence for me.
  4. Yes I for sure believe they're out there
  5. I believe aliens are fallen angels.
  6. If by "aliens" you mean the theatrical tripe we've been force feeding ourselves for decades, then no.  Maybe we're the aliens, we have no idea what's on this planet we're living on, it takes a certain amount of human presumptuousness to try to look beyond where we can possibly see.  Relative to the age of the universe we haven't been here long at all and maybe that makes us the encroachers, we're busy looking for aliens but maybe we've been it along?
  7. Possible and somewhat likely depending on which arbitrary numbers you plug into the Drake equation.
  8. Aliens are multidimensional beings.  We are multidimensional beings.  Aliens often come to earth in the form of a human, sometimes they appear as their pure selves, energy, showing what appears to be a UFO.
    From my personal experience seeing a possible shape shifter that blocked the road off in front of me (in a neighborhood) and drove by slowly with the window down, the government works with if not is ran by aliens.
    I am also an alien, I and many other spirits, have came to earth for a distinctive purpose which is probably why I've had so many encounters with CIA and such.
    You can become an alien by shifting your frequencies, by indulging psychedelical treats such as cannabis.
    Sound crazy?  Good, cause you are destined to be an alien too.
  9. I haven't seen one personally or a UFO, but I truly believe they exist. If the universe is as huge as science has claimed then it would be crazy not to think they don't. There has to be a perfect star (such as our sun) with a planet that is the perfect distant from it (like earth) the universe knows what it's doing.

    Nah I don't do drugs. I smoke weed.
  10. Wow I havent heard that theory yet, this sounds very possible though makes me think.
    You may want to Google "Fallen Angel Aliens" because there are tons of people out there that believe they are one and the same. I'm talking tens of millions of people.
  12. Will do
  13. its stupid to say theres no life outside of our solar system.

    i believe ufo sightings are just government testing of ancient extra terrestrial flying technologies, not aliens.

    but then again its stupid to say aliens have never been on our planet. the evidence is everywhere, its just suppressed
  14. Do your research and you will see we are not alone and there is another dimension similar to ours side by side
    with our own we can't see it because our eyes cant possibly perceive such glory but with a certain
    unmentionable we can see it as clear as day
    For my birthday buy me a politician

  15. What makes you think their universe is so much frickin' better? If it's an alternate universe then pot is legal in 48 states but it's on its way to being criminalized, particularly in conservative states like Colorado and Washington.
  16. It takes some very strange, outdated superstition to believe that we are the only planet in the entire universe with intelligent life.(appx. 100,000,000,000 stars in the galaxy, appx. 100,000,000,000 galaxies...one intelligent species...yeah, okay...again, strange, irrational superstition required to believe that)
  17. I realize space is infinitely vast but cmon, why aint we seen ET yet dawg
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    Its a big ass sky so I think other life is out there. Anything humans discover in the next 1000 years will probably be bacteria or small cell things - not Roger from American Dad. I think that sort of shit is out there but we'll never encounter it.

  19. Because it's infinitely vast!!! Bro we can't even comprehend the size of it.. But they're out there

    Nah I don't do drugs. I smoke weed.
    I think there is some too but in reality we dont even know if there is that many galaxies or stars because unless we have seen them we dont know....for all we know stars are  lights the gov shines into the light lol....
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