Aliens ?

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  1. Are they real I'm interested wanna know please post your hard evidence please I'd appreciate it
  2. *crickets chirping*

    Yeah you're not going to get any solid evidence my friend.
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    I'm pretty sure they are real, that being said, I'm also pretty sure there is no hard evidence. There are only lots of UFO videos of which some seem very very credible.

    Not to mention I've seen multiple UFO's and UFO fleets the past months, with a witness.

    If you really wanna know more about these things, search Youtube about it and make your own conclusions.

    I'll just tell you this:

    Take a look at our Galaxy, there are a 100 Billion (100,000,000,000) stars, now take a look at the Galaxys of the Universe. In the visible Universe there are 100 Billion Galaxys. So how many stars are there in the KNOWN Universe? 100 billion times 100 billion. You have to be extremely arrogant to think were the only ones.

    - Dr. Michio Kaku
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    It's extremely probable - almost any scientist (if not all) will agree (even Neil deGrasse Tyson says so, as well as Stephen Hawkins).

    Then, by using extrapolation:

    Trillions of kinds - more than anyone or anything can imagine.

    But have any of them been able to traverse the ridiculous distances in space to meet each other?
  5. Im an alien
  6. Call lill whyne he's one :eek:
    We are not the same I am a martian .
  7. Unidentified flying objects are real. There are a few places on this planet where there appearance is frequent and can be viewed by anyone. This however might not have anything to do with other typer of lifeform. there could be hundreds of unimaginable explications for a unidentified flying object, aliens are cliche
  8. [​IMG]

    caught red handed
  9. There isn't any evidence, hard or otherwise.

    This shows the material abundance and complacency of the average American -- when they have the time to lament over such silliness.
  10. disclaimer: i may be trolling

    [ame=]100% Proof Of Alien Civilizations Exist On The Moon - Nasa Lies Uncovered In Colour - YouTube[/ame]
  11. I've talked to a few myself, they're real.
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    Although I hate the theme of this video, its full of mainstream news coverage of UFO sightings. I beg you to ignore the stupid "scary" message from the Art bell show at the end.
    [ame=]If You Dont Believe Watch This- Recent Mass UFO Sightings 2011 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]NASA UFOs: STS-75 The Tether Incident - YouTube[/ame]
    UFOS gather around STS-75

    [ame=]Secret War In Space - NASA Coverup? - Rare Footage - Proof that UFOs are REAL - Aliens being Attacked by Humans - YouTube[/ame]
    Electromagnetic weapons engaging and firing at UFO

    [ame=]Best UFO Sightings Of January 2013, AFO - YouTube[/ame]
    Anonomous FO's Sightings - They put out a video monthly.

    [ame=]UFO/Free Energy Sirius Documentary Trailer Update (Dec 18, 2012) - YouTube[/ame]
    Relevant because it contains Biological specimin. (video of it at the end of movie)

    I didn't believe this video's legitimacy at first but then after doing some research realized we just entered the age of aquarius and that fact struck a cord within.
  13. All I know is, if aliens are not only real, but showing up on this planet. They need to do everyone a favor and stop only showing up as little blurry lights in the sky.

    Seriously. It would over power religion, governments might lose control, and who knows what secrets of the universe they might hold.

    However, at the same time, maybe humanity hasn't really proven themselves to gain such knowledge.

    Who knows. But, clearly, they aren't really doing much. I honestly thought 2012 would be the year they would show up.. but guess what? nada! zip! soooo oh well to that. lol
  14. I don't know why I post in these kinds of threads, maybe on the faint hope of injecting some common sense . . .

    Perspectives in time matter: Thirty, forty, fifty years ago there would occasionally crop up those silly, blurry, unrecognizable photographs of flying saucers, Martians, etc.

    And now, within the past ten or so years -- unlike back then -- nearly every human being walks around constantly with a high definition camera on them, something only seen in sci-fi movies before.

    Yet where are all the new photos of flying saucers, etc? The internet should be flooded with high quality pictures yet if anything, there are fewer pictures now than there were a couple of generations ago when only photography nuts had decent cameras, and they rarely walked around with them.
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    Isn't an unproven fact an opinion? Why complicate shit, man?

    It's an unproven fact that I'm Jesus. What now?
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    of course,
    we are aliens
  17. I would be willing to be my life that somewhere else in the universe there is life and probably intelligent life, but sure as hell there are not any aliens with the ability to visit our planet without our knowing.

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