Aliens on thier way?!

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  1. I just watched a program on the science channel, but i only caught about the last 15 minutes.

    Apparently we have came in contact with another species, of far higher intelligence than us, and they are close, very close. approaching earth as we speak.

    does anyone have more knowledge on this? i believe it to be true because it was on the science channel, but i dont know.

    this is fucking crazy.
  2. My guess is that you're stoned.
    But that'd be epic.
    I hope i find them attractive.
  3. can you find it on youtube?
  4. it was a new episode tonight, im kinda freaking out. they showed exactly how we recieved these messages and its all real. they are actually on their way. i am totally on an adrenaline rush right now but for good reason.

    basically they've came in contact with us through that encrypted message we sent out a while back in a few different languages announcing out presence and location in the galaxy, for what reason i do not know. but they found us, contacted us, and are well on their way.
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    looks like it was called are we alone. on tuesdays @ 10. and i think you confused contact with the WOW! signal. could be contact though.
  6. Watched it. It was all HYPOTHETICAL.

    Calm down OP. The entire show was about a hypothetical situation: we receive contact messages spelling out an invasion, and what that would mean for the human populace. It was a bunch of scientists making speculations on this hypothetical scenario
  7. the scenario seemed entirely plausible, which makes me think a lot about what else is out there.

    i've always believed there is far superior intelligence out there that are aware of us and could obliterate us at any second, i just feel they see no good reason in doing that. clearly they see we aren't going to be a inter-galactic threat anytime soon.

    it just freaks me the fuck out for some reason knowing they could come at any second, basically cause they have the power to do anything and everything.

    i need to learn to let go of fears and focus on real danger, its hard to believe they're not a danger though. its a mindfuck to me.

  8. thanks man i figured it out lol, google helps. im just high lol

  9. You could also drop dead, at any second, from a variety of things endemic to your body.

    Why live in fear of things which are out of your control? If they come and wipe the population out, well, you'll be dead so you won't even have to worry about it :D

  10. that is true, i have very irrational thoughts sometimes and have trouble controlling them, 90% of the time while im high on marijuana. typically thoughts about authority, and a superior intelligence is a very prestigious authority for all we know. made me worry a bit, its all good though.

    i can just look on the positive side and hope if that were to occur, maybe they would set out shit straight and help out a bit.
  11. [quote name='"FluffyBud"']
    90% of the time while im high on marijuana. [/quote]

    I knew it :)
  12. the aliens have already been here bro.

    "aliens" have been embedded in human history from the start.
  13. I believe they said they recieved a message in a crazy encryption. And they figured it out, and it was the sounds of stars. I was watching those shows on science channel too. Fuckin crazy.
  14. What should we do brah?!
  15. Aliens have been here for a long time....
    and they travel through worm-holes so traveling to distant planets takes very little seconds...
    I wonder what they have planned for us, if anything....or perhaps some are guardians of the earth while others serve to conquer it....
    who knows....
    just keep blazing and stay positive I suppose...
  16. haha I knew there was no way that this was true. An easy way to tell is to look up any mainstream media website..or just turn on the news. That shit would be all over the news.

  17. Yeah, it would never even make the news because a large enough population would panic like the OP and mass hysteria will end the world before a ship could even be within range of Earth's gravitational pull. :smoke:
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