Aliens on my ladies.

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  1. What the **** are these. I have never had male plants so I don't know. And this makes me a little para.

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    male flowers, pic one they have opened.

    Hermaphrodite :(

    Know the feeling. I have one isolated (because the plant is around 1.4 meters tall when not bent down) but am starting to think all the effore of checking it daily and removing the male parts is just not worth it.
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    Yeah. I was worried that had happened. I don't know if I should be worried now. All my clones have come from that fucking plant.

    Sorry I'm a little worked up. So I can remove all the male flowers and my little tranny friend will be ok??

    Edited: well as ok as it can be as a lady gaga plant.

    And if a gaga plant produces seeds do you think the seeds would be herm?
    Or could I pollinate a fem plant with a gaga plant and get proper seeds?
  4. They will keep growing back.
    I have been doing this to my hermaphrodite for about 2 months now (it was an outside plant, put it indoors to test my new grow room).
    It is a serious mission and the bigger the plant gets the more you miss. Needs to be isolated or the others will get pollinated with seeds from hell.

    Most say chuck it, some say just keep pulling the male bits off.
    I am doing the latter simply due to it's size.
  5. It's so painful. But will do. Cheers. Exact situation tho. Pulled it inside to test my room and bang. Turns on me.

    If this is going to be an issue I wish someone told me.
    I plan on vegging outdoors.

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