Aliens/life somewhere else?

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  1. I'm nearly convinced that there has to be life of some sort somewhere out there. Idk, some crazy/unexplainable shit has gone on, and its a crazy thing to think about IMO. who knows whats out there. Hopefully we find proof one day that there is, until then, keep the hopes high ;)

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  2. theres a story that just recently came out that they found dna/rna in a meteor they found on mars i think. so if it wasnt contaminated, it means that we probly have to thank some alien race for giving life to this planet.

    or u can go with "god"
  3. if you have Netflix, watch Ancient Aliens! I Love that Show!

    Or if you dont mind watching on your computer, its all on youtube too.

    [ame=]Ancient Aliens Season 1 Episode 1(FULL) - YouTube[/ame]
  4. I think there's life out there. There's more planets out there than grains of sand on the earth. The resources we're barely scratching on this planet are far more abundant on other planets. I think at some point we'll find the life we seek, but imo, what life is out there, is either not advanced enough to reach us or too far away. With future technology, we'll be able to go further faster. The plasma rocket is supposed to allow us to go to mars in 80 days.
  5. We would be foolishly selfish to believe we are alone in this gigantic universe. Hell, we would be foolish to believe that we know everything that exists on this planet.
  6. there's one inside of me help
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  8. thought i heard scientists figured out its impossible for us to go lightspeed cuz of our matter. never heard of the plasma rocket, ima guess its somethin from the private sector
  9. Almost forgot to mention that that 80 days to mars is a round trip, that's 78 total days to go to mars and back. Here's the link to the article

    Plasma Rocket Could Travel to Mars in 39 Days

    Edit: Saw a video somewhere recently that said they'll be testing this rocket in 2012.
  10. Maybe aliens made weed
  11. [​IMG]

    Had to lol

    But nah I am sure there is some sort of life form out there
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    Haha i've seen that guy before, never has normal hair
  13. There has to be or that would be sad if we are the only life forms in the whole god damn universe.
  14. theres a lot to think about here.
  15. Considering the sheer size of the Universe it would boggle the mind if we were the only life form out there. In fact, I'd say that would be real damn weird if Earth was the only life-supporting planet out there.
  16. we have found 6 earth-like planets several thousand lightyears away orbiting around a star. Deffinetly some sort of life on those..
  17. There's no way we are the only planet with lifeforms. Too many planets, too much universe for it only to be earth.
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    Agreed again lol
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    Lol :)

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