Aliens: Colonial Marines

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  1. holy fuck this looks awesome

    [ame=]Aliens: Colonial Marines - Survivor Multiplayer Trailer - YouTube[/ame]

    can you imagine playin that shit high as fuck with friends online? it'd be like a better nazi zombies and it scares the shit out of you too, when theyre crawling over you on the ceiling and like comin outta nowhere. and watchin ur friends get picked up and killed by the aliens hahaha
  2. some singleplayer

    [ame=]Aliens: Colonial Marines - Suspense Trailer - YouTube[/ame]
  3. u on xbox man?
  4. word whats the gt
  5. game comes out tomorrow, fuckin stoked. if anyone here is getting it post your gamertag, play some survival mode :smoke:
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  7. Not surprising at all.

    I kind of expected it to be Aliens: Call of duty marines. Games like this always try and appeal to older fans and the younger one's as well. So you end up getting a mixture of explosions and action but at the same time you get elements from Aliens.
  8. yo this game sucks, so glad i rented it instead. fuckkkkk i was excited for this shit what a letdown

    i thought the survival mode was gonna be AI aliens but its gay versus like left 4 dead
  9. Got this shit on my PS3. Its pretty good to me but definitely not for everyone though. Add me for some co-op PSN: SuperDankWeed
  10. I was gonna download this game but everyone says its horrible, idk maybe I'll give it a shot soon

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