Aliens and M.I.B, your thourghts?

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  1. recently been watching some documentaries and theres just too much evidence to prove this, come to think of it i'm kinda scared to post this but i think i'm just being paranoid but like seriously we're stoners try and use your open mind and really think about it all and research it, it's just a thought  

  2. So you're saying aliens are real...are you also trying to say an agency similar to Men In Black actually exists as well?
  3. kinda yeah, i know it's far fetched and i'm not certain but when you do the research it's very clear we're not alone and that film was based on stories from people who had been contacted or harassed by the MIB. i'm not saying there is or there isn't i'm just saying somethings up and it's interesting to look into 
  4. If any of those "documentaries" were on The History Channel, you more than likely got a bunch of horseshit being passed off as information..
  5. Im pretty sure that humans are actually a mixure of different "aliens"....
  6. Like 99% of these Alien stories involve some sort of abduction harvesting of eggs, sperm, alien hybrids etc. If you can cross the vastness of space then I would think whatever you wanted to do you could do on a advanced computer model. Then on top of that...if they simply asked I am pretty sure we would give them what they wanted. 
    Then we live in the day of 1080p cameras in everyones pockets, youtube and not one video is convincing. 
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    theres alot of evidence on this planet of ancient civilizations of different species then us.

    fuck the videos and shit, do the research yourself and look up the pyramids and the mayans and the very first human civilization of all time. youll make the connections and see the evidence and artifacts depicting ETs and different species human.

    are they real depictions or are they telling a story? nobody knows. this world has many wonders. we may never know. so make the connections yourself and what u believe will be your own truth
    No, there's literally no evidence on this planet of ancient civilizations of different species than us.. All it is is people like you making false connections so that way what you believe isn't wrong. The ancient alien theory is a washed out theory built on ignorance and ignoring the bigger picture.
  9. so your telling me the shit enscribed by the ancients in rock and sandstone is a false connection? sounds like ignorance

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    Based on how almost everything I've seen you say about the pineal gland was wrong, I don't think the ignorance is on my part.. While they did make carvings and such, the connections to ancient aliens are falsified.
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    haha oh wait, so no evidence =wrong ?

    i have an open mind to new beliefs. i even went and posted for OP "make the connections yourself and youll have a truth" insinuating OP can judge whether or not to believe in this shit or not. theres evidence there that advanced technlogy was present during ancient times. the structre of the pyramids blocks for fuck sakes. theyre cut like a laser

    its pretty ignorant to sit there and shut shit down for lack of evidence. its a forum, open for people to discuss topics they take interest in. your saying im the one with the ignorance?

    come on man ha, whos the one shutting shit down?

    im here creating discussion.

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    Let's deal with your ignorance on the definition of ignorant. Ignorant means uneducated on the topic at hand, not being a dick. Ignorance = lack of knowledge.. You've proved your ignorance by saying:
    If you were more educated on the pyramids, you would know that it was built with thousands of skilled workers. Pretty sure that a rock sculptor of today could carve and sand down a block to almost perfect standards.. and the humans from our past were not dumb either.
    You claim to have an open mind, yet you're stuck on a theory that was created years ago, has yet to provide any evidence, and has had numerous realistic explanations as to why it's wrong.. but I can't be too upset at ya cause you've added weight to my theory that people who force having an open mind actually end up closing it.
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    you got evidence to back that theory up? if not were in the same boat, only difference is you feed off getting the last word in

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    Which part? That it was built with thousands of skilled workers? Or that a sculptor of today could carve a simple block? Or that the ancient people weren't dumb? Or my theory that you're trying to force the openness of your mind and inadvertently end up closing it?
    Follow up question, why do I have to provide evidence when you don't? According to you, there's a lot of evidence on this planet.. so it shouldn't be hard for you to put up or shut up.
    As for some evidence, feel free to watch and read up. Now I know these aren't filled with pseudo-fluff and X-files music, but you might learn a thing or two..

    22:41 is where the pyramids section starts.. but you should probably watch the whole thing, even if it's off and on.

  15. 7 years ago I had a over night charter I took out with 8 people on it.  I took them to a reef I knew of around 35 miles off the coast of North Carolina.  We had a great day catching gag groupers and strawberry ones, hog fish, kings, dolphins, and a lot of other fish.  We fished all day and all night.  It was great.  That is till around 3am  That is when we noticed some lights.  4 of them and to this day we still do not know what they were.  No they were not lights up in the sky either.  The lights we saw were 4 very bright lights moving under the boat around 20 to 30 feet down below the boat..  They didn't show any patterns we could understand.  They would at times all of them or one at a time shoot off fast away from the boat and then with in a min or 2 come right back again and start moving again under and around the boat.  And no they were not bioluminescent plankton either, have sailed threw enough bioluminescent plankton to know what that is.  The lights stayed dancing around under the boat for over an hour before they finally shot off in one direction and never came back. We still do not know what they were to this day.  Have always wondered though and would love to know one of these days what they were.   
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    I am an alien we only come down here, because Earth is the only planet in the entire universe with marijuana. It is the only reason we haven't destroyed humans yet. 
    Shit, they would not need us.  They would steal our seeds and grow it better.
    It can not grow in our atmopshere unless we completely reterraform our planet. 

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