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Alien Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Leif, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. This thread is pretty stupid, I'm just gunna say it myself so nobody else has to...

    I was high the other night watching some show about UFO's and Aliens on the history channel. I started to wonder, would aliens have the best drugs? Like superherion with no addictiveness and no negative health effects.
  2. Good question. Probably not. I could see aliens not using any drugs at all. Because you know, doing drugs is detrimental to your health, so maybe they avoid stuff like that, like we should. But life on earth is hell, and weed is like a little sprinkler you can run through when it gets too hot.

  3. marijuana is the reason Grey aliens started coming to earth they have many problems w/ their eyes but THC has no effect on them
    the government is still trying to help the greys by hybridizing
    a form that works on them. :)

  4. ^hahaha
  5. hmmmm
  6. I smoked up with Xenu once, the Scientology alien overlord. He's got some good shit, man.

  7. Shit man, that made me think, haha.

    Edit - By the way, I meant to quote that thing you posted, but I'm too lazy to fix it.
  8. I don't know who originally said that about pot being the only plant on Earth that you can tell male from female just by looking, but thats total bullshit. I'm not a botanist or anything, but I took two biology classes in college and there are many different plants that look different depending on their gender. Our bio lab class literally walked around campus identifying male and female plants. I wish I could remember all the details but whoever said that about pot is a complete idiot and obviously doesn't know what they're talking about.
  9. I think there was a bit of sarcasm in what that person said.
  10. Well where did that quote come from in the first place? All I see is the quote and no original poster.
  11. its on google somewhere. its a conspiracy theorists' ramblings.
    i intrigued by that shit. who the fuck knows about anything. all i know is that our eyes are limited to only be able to see on a certain frequency @ 30 fps. which is why a cell phone can see the bulbs on any tv controller as bright lights when a button is pressed. or a cellphone pointed @ a tv or computer screen. the phone is slowing down the image that line moving is really there but we cant see it.
  12. No idea where he got it. If it is serious, it's just hella farfetched. I never said I believe it, just that it made me think.
  13. i think angels are loosely based on aliens. im guessing they dont have a need for any drugs.
  14. according to above the influence aliens don't smoke pot, one time i was chillin with my girl friend smoking a blunt and this alien came and my girl friend fell in love with him because he doesn't smoke pot and she left with him.
  15. It's possible, but I think it would be unlikely that their drugs would have the same effects on us or vice versa.

  16. qfmft.

    prepare to be sigged, my friend.
  17. haha:p
  18. What if they were always high and their drugs made them like our sober.. like our drugs make their sober (being always high) :confused::confused::smoking:
  19. suck on my jaygon! oh yeah!! jargons have the best drugs
  20. lol, honestly there is no way to speculate, there drugs might not even effect us and ours might not effect them. or ours could kick the krap outa theirs. or vise versa. to tell you the truth i lthink planet earth has more than enough drugs for humanity to be completely satisfied. lol though i would like to get an alien on his first visit to earth so fucking faded, and then pull crazy as pranks on him. so like this blazed little dude goes back to the mothership or whatever and can't give report to his bosses because he can't remember exactly what happend or even how to express his thoughts. lmao:smoking:

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