Alien visitors, fact or fiction?

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  1. What do you guys think?

    Heres my opinion...

    If the Universe has been around for billions and billions of years (ive seen estimates ranging anywhere from 9 to 20 billion years), It would seem entirely probable. Even still, nobody knows how long the Universe has been around, I tend to side with hoyle in the belief that it has always been.

    Humans have only been around for the blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things. If you believe in life on other planets then you would also have to believe that there are civilizations that have existed for far longer than any life here on earth.

    If you look at the technological strides mankind has made in the last 100 years, imagine a civilization that has found a way to survive for hundreads of thousands of years. Imagine how advanced (barring some type of major catastrophe) humans will be 500,000 years from now, or even 1,000,000 years from now. As hard as we try to imagine, we cant even begin to grasp how much we will know and be able to do by then.

    This is pretty much why I believe something from another planet has been here once or twice. If an already advanced civilization has managed to survive in this Universe for millions and millions of years, it seems almost certain they would have the technology for intergalactic travel.

    Even if they havent yet reached this planet, I believe something out there knows we are here...

    100 years of science:



    Imagine millions of years of science....
  2. There was some documentary on the history channel that basically broke down the probability of some other life in the universe and it is pretty much 99.99% probability that there is some sort of alien life out there. Then it goes on to say that it is also 99.99% probability that it is intelligent life. I can't remember for sure but I think it was called "Out of The Blue".

    I also just watched another History channel documentary on the universe and it breaks down all the information from all the satellites and current knowledge from all the top scientists and combines them to form the latest theory and shows from the beginning of the big bang to where we are today. It is pretty amazing and it even says if you don't understand what we just told you, don't worry, we aren't entirely sure about it either, scientists are still figuring everything out. I think it was called "The Universe" but I couldn't find the exact link to the show I watched. It demonstrates really well how big, or small rather, we really are.

    After Roswell and the materials that were found to be the most indestructible metallic substance ever yet can still be folded like a piece of foil, it is clear that there are other life forms somewhere in the universe.
  3. I Believe
  4. There is no way, that i could ever say, aliens (other life forms) beyond our galaxy don't exist.
  5. Why is this? The steady state theory has been deconstructed in many ways.

    Criteria: Big Bang

    1. Explains redshift and the expanding universe
    2. Explains abundance of atoms
    3. No solid theory on how galaxies formed
    4. Explains distribution of galaxies
    5. CMB radiation proven to exist
    6. Shows objects in the universe are younger than the universe itself (like earth)
    7. No explanation of creation

    Criteria: Steady State

    1. Explains redshift and the expanding universe
    2. Cannot account for the abundance of atoms, specifically heavier elements
    3. Theories on galaxy development, however it is shaky.
    4. Cannot explain distribution of galaxies
    5. Cannot explain CMB radiation
    6. No evidence for anything older than 20 billion years, however the universe is supposedly infinitely old.
    7. No explanation of creation.

    Source: Big Bang by Simon Singh

    I agree completely.
  6. i stand firm in my belief that not only do intelligent lifeforms exist, but they have been visiting our planet for some time.

  7. I'm not all that worried about what the theory proves or doesnt prove. I believe the Universe has always existed because I believe this is the only one.

    If you buy into the big bang theory, you would also have to buy into the idea of an alternate universe......many of them in fact.

    If the big bang is responsible for everything that exists in this realm, surely there were big bangs before and after the one that was responsible for us. If this process was able to happen once, ive gotta believe (given the amount of infinite time) that it has happend more than once. I have a hard time buying into the idea that this Universe is one of many. Further more, I dont believe you can go in any one direction at an unimaginable speed and hit a "dead end", so to speak. If this Universe is infinite (which I believe it is) there can be no beginning or end.

    As great as science is, I dont think any civilization on any planet will ever figure out if the Universe was created by something or if it has always been. I think the best we can do (we as in anything alive in this universe) is to find a way to navigate through it and explore it...hopefully find other lifeforms.

    I dont think the Universe will ever reveal the answers we truly want: How and Why?

    I believe the Universe is infinite, it has always been and will always be.

    Edit: At least we agree on the main point, there is something out there somewhere that knows we are here. Maybe its been here before, maybe its on its way, maybe its been sending a signal for millions of years but the distance is so great it hasnt reached us yet. Either way, its out there.
  8. Yeah, even if the successful chances of life are 1 in a billion, there would still be billions of planets or whatever that contain intelligent life due to the ridiculous magnitude of the universe itself.
  9. i just thought of something reading this.

    The big bang theory can somewhat be traced back to a point in time. its not the most accurate, but someone put lots of time into figuring it out. knowing this, we can assume that most galaxies are the same age as ours and have probably changed overtime in the sameways as ours. If this is true, then any other possible lifeforms have had just as much time as us to evolve. I cant see how anything would already be so advanced. besides, mandkind cant fix the problems caused by technology and population by advancing in both(not enough resources man!). sorry, but we arent going to be around forever.

    if we are being visited, its from other dimensions, and not galaxies.

    i hope this makes sense, i smoked way to much hash.
  10. The universe is approximately 15 billion years old. Scientists date the oldest supposed planet in our galaxy (gas giant) to be 12.7 billion years old. The earth is 4.6 billion years old.

    How do you reach your conclusion?

    other dimensions? What are you on about?
  11. "on about".......??????? nothing currently, if thats what you mean.I think i used a funny word.... but i cant think of a synonyms right now.

  12. This statement is false, nobody really knows how "old" the Universe is. At this point, its only guess work.

    If indeed the Universe is infinite, then it has no age. You cant place an age on a "space" that is infinitely consistant....can you?
  13. If the big bang started the universe...What made that bang? What created that infinate gravity/pure infinity? If there is billions of galaxies in the universe and we are but one race on one planet in one solar system in one galaxy, then there is 99.9999999% chance there is life out there i dont care what scientists say. Has anyone ever seen the pictures of that "empty space" in the universe that is billions of light years wide??? Could that be a "worm hole" or a path way to another dimention or maybe even "heaven" who knows but i also watched that show called the universe, they broke down everything i give them props...Awesome show to blaze up to and chill and watch.

  14. I think were the aliens man and we just dont know it...

    where the fuck did we come from?!?! space man...:smoking:
  15. "...The age of the universe, in Big Bang cosmology, refers to the time elapsed between the Big Bang and the present day. Current observations suggest that this is about 13.7 billion years, with an uncertainty of about +/-200 million years."

    Far from guesswork.

    Also, the Universe isn't thought of as being infinite, it's expanding infinitely (ie, thus far without a known limit), but that doesn't make it infinite.

  16. approximately
    1. Near to in quantity or amount: about, almost, nearly, roughly. Idioms: on the order of.

    "infinitely consistant?" What is meant by saying that? You're basing the idea off the premise that the universe has and always been.
  17. i wanna know what would would happen if you cut a hole in the side of the universe. where would that go, what effect would that have, and what would the boundries themselves be made of?
  18. Impossible, most likely.
  19. I "believe" that if any alien species was intelligent enough to travel all-the way into our Solar System, they would immediately label human beings as illogical, unintellectual, maniacal, egotistical religious ape-descendants and would leave in search of some "intelligent" life by their standards.

    Unless this planet was the first they found and they had water-based life. But if there is some kind of network of species out there that would introduce and teach new inter-stellar species the ropes of the universe, they would of course tell them to stay far away from this Solar System.

  20. Yea man I know what approximately means.

    If you're trying to explain how old the Universe is by using proximity's, it doesnt matter what number you throw out there (assuming the Universe is infinite) because you'll always be wrong.....very wrong....extremely wrong.

    Im a big fan of science (trust me), but im not a big fan of "approximate" numbers for how old our Universe is...mostly because we know very little about it. Honestly, can anyone really know how old it is? Maybe....but not at this point, and certainly not if its infinite. Thats what I meant when I used the phrase "infinitely consistant".

    I believe that if something is truly infinite, that means it cannot be created or destroyed. In regards to both time and matter, I dont believe that an infinte space can have a beginning or an end.

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