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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by definatlynotagrower, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Hey guys :D I have been doing much research in preparation for my first grow, I have stumbled across a product called OPTIC 1 XL 100w cob led it has a Cree chip cxb3590.
    There are 2 versions the 3500k and the 5000k which one would be better for autoflowers?
    Also will this successfully complete a grow in a 2x2 footprint? thanks for your time .
    Question what budget led/cob setup are you running around 100w?
  2. I believe one of those in 3500k will do well for your 2x2 space. But that's based solely on the data. I don't have any experience with those, but I've heard they are great. I'm using a HLG65 right now, 1 week into a Fruit Punch Autoflower. I have a HLG100 3000k I'll be swapping that out with for flower. I paid $120 for the 65 and $150 for the 100. If I'd known about the 260w QB V2 kits I'd have just bought one of those for $320 or a couple of the 135w QB V2 kits for $200 each.
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  3. I am loving all this new technology that is available :D , Not only the fact that is so much better than hps now but also that It can be assembled and personalised to taste :). I will be starting with a 200w cfl and saving for a new cob setup :) ty for the reply , I cant understand why the guy was saying that 5000k would be best for auto's ? unless he was running other lights aswell.
  4. Look into the qb96elite v2’s. They’re like a cob but have some red diodes for better flowering, and are bigger allowing a better spread. They can be ran up to 200 watts each with passive cooling or 300 watts with active cooling

    I have two over a 24” x 40” scrog area


    Soil2Coco’s Indoor Multi Strain Journal

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