Alien in Brazil Rain Forest.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by HankMoody, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. The truth is out there.
    [ame=]Alien Grey in Brazil Rainforest (Amazon) Update - Full Vid and Stills - YouTube[/ame]
  2. i think its fake. hes just standing there like " derp"

  3. That portal/ufo next to the alien is mind blowing as well
  4. UFO's don't exist, other beings do, but not green monsters with large dark eyes.

    [ame=]Carl Sagan on UFOs - YouTube[/ame]
  5. I would have ran to the portal and jumped through it.

    Idc if the chances of me landing on a planet with no air are high.
    Going to a different planet would be totally worth it
  6. Already a thread on this...

  7. I think its on a smoke break
  8. So generic and cliche that it could never be taken seriously
  9. Possible, not probable given what is going on.

    If it was indeed there, when the kid looked over he would've told the kids, and would've seen it. Also the cameraman/women is doing nothing other then standing there. I guarantee that if anyone on this forum or anyone was there, they would run up and try to film the thing. Not just stand there acting like its another bird.
  10. clearly you don't know what a ufo is if you think they don't exist
  11. I, and many, many others would disagree with that statement.
    Also UFO's do exist, see something moving in the sky and don't know what is? UFO (unidentified flying object,) even if it turns out to be a helicopter, it's a UFO until you find out. UFO never originally meant OMG ALIENZZZ, however mainstream society have labelled it to be associated with OMG ALIENZ
  12. Maybe it was taking a piss...
  13. Ima go to Brazil and find that exact spot and live there and see if a new portal opens up hahaha..

    Shit would be intense
  14. this thread has been done before
  15. dude thats just a lil yanomamo kid thinkin "the fuck these n****s doin in my forest? bitch stop filmin me."
  16. Dude, this guy is real. He lets me grow weed on his planet but I have to give him his share every harvest. But I don't mind, he's cool to toke with

  17. LoL I would have ran and jumped through, and when I popped out the other side said "ooops... sorry been playing too much portal"

    Also, it's adorable that the video describes the alien as having "a potbelly" lol
  18. Lol yeah I noticed that, I'm like, "really?"

    But in all honesty I figured since I'm never going to go into space in my ENTIRE life, and I'll probably never get to see aliens in my lifetime, why not take a leap of faith and jump into the portal to see another world.
  19. *watches video*

    *hears x-files theme music to supposed alien sighting video*

    *looks at avatar and sees picture of 'agent Fox Mulder'*

    lol no way I could take this serious

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