Alien Disclosure

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by DonkeyKong64, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Okay, so with what's been going on lately, the new planet that was found that may have life, the UFOs messing with the Nukes, and Nasa getting a $19 Billion fund from the government. Sounds to me like they are slowly getting us ready to unveil the existence of other life outside our planet. I wanna know your take on all of this, coincidence or hints at what is about to come?

    I really hope they bring some cool ass alien technology into play, shit would be so bad ass.
  2. Billy Mayes here! are you tired of driving slowly to work every day? Order our new PERSONAL UFO! The government has just released a patent allowing us to liquidate these here now and on T.V. only! but wait theres more! Get the new alien Tentacle-Free Bluetooth!Thats right FREE! Call now and recieve free Nextday Air ETPS shipping!
  3. uh, remember back when america had nothing but natives and white man took that bitch over because they were more advanced and land is awesome?

    We're the native americans. lol
  4. This is so awesome you made my day :'). RIP Billy Mayes
  5. Does it come with a ShamWOW? Can I make three easy payments?? Sold!


    ps. RIP Billy...
  6. Man.. I want a light sabre! and a light pocket knife... vverrrrrooooshhhh.... vverrrrrooooshhhh....

  7. I wonder who would have the worst diseaes? Who'd get sicker? If they were more advanced technically, would they be more vulnerable biologically?

  8. What's umm... What's the serious consensus from everyone regarding this subject?

    I, for one am stoked. It's really happening. But no one seems to give a shit!!! :mad::mad::mad:
  9. Man... It's like waitting for the Wii to come out... but it's just as likely to be bad as it is good... So, my motto is focus on the grow at hand. And considering they don't trust us with weed means they sure as hell aren't gonna give us light sabres. So, even if it is happening, it ain't happening for us...

  10. I don't care about tech. I care about how there will be a paradigm shift. I wanna see that shit!
  11. EXCUSE ME? You mean Zorbeez!

    That cunt with the shamwow isn't worth the product he advertises...
  12. haha +rep

  13. prolly because nothings actually going to happen. Sure these people spoke out and NASA got more money. It's happened before and will happen again, all without aliens showing up. I think most people will believe it's going to happen once someone lands a UFO and has a press conference, of course then it's no longer a UFO.
  14. KSC many astronauts in this study and exploration of potential and I knew the main interest in Donald Keyhoe, Dick Hall and the Research Committee of the National Weather Phenomena (NICAP since 1958) and the mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Cape Canaveral and KSC my community.

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