Alien abduction dreams?

Discussion in 'General' started by Isenguard420, Oct 6, 2014.

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    My housemates and I keep having dreams of alien abductions. 
    Yesterday I was talking to my roommate about how vivid and awesome my dream was. I was taken onto an alien ship from my bedroom. I only remember bits of it and this shit has been happening all month. My roommate says there is no way in telling that didn't happen unless we put up cameras at night.
    What do yo guys think? My roommate is spooked the fuck out he had an experience he didn't want to share, I chose to sleep at other peoples houses personally.

    what is your age range and location?
    this intrigues me.
  3. What are your coordinates, human?

    I will check with the alliance and let you know if you are, in fact, being abducted. If not you must cut back on the cannabis, homosapien child.
    The aliens might be trying to communicate with you man. I have been abducted before ( and I need to tell you this aint no game
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    Kinda weird, isn't it? Memory can be based on actual experience or, for whatever reason(s) - including none at all - partially or even completely concocted by the brain based on random conglomerations of who knows what..
    The weird part is, sometimes it can be nearly impossible to determine how accurate or manufactured our memories of some aspect of our life really is. And that can sortof suck if it matters to us who we are. If our "self" is derived in part (or whole) from stitching together various arrangements of those maybe legit, maybe not, but probably semi-warped memories, then I wonder if I'm who I think I am.  :bongin:
  6. It wasn't a dream OP.
  7. Put the cameras up bro

    Not too much trouble for a little piece of mind
  8. Maybe your roommate is probing you in your sleep
    Yeah, I just usually let these experiences go as some strange thing but my roommate has some fear about the dreams and a couple nights I woke up with red marks on chest and back and they are trippin.
  10. Wow!

    If its progressed to the point of physical evidence I would atleast try to capture some Video evidence to back it up

    It might help to know if indeed you guys are being contacted by something (if anything just to know you guys arent going crazy)
    I think its the bud we are growing. I had some out on the patio during the summer and I cut what finished and moved the rest in side. If we are being visited they know we have bud good bud because my room has some toasty ass nugs hanging to dry.
    My bud is so dank it attracts extraterrestrial life.
  12. Lmao hey you might be able to trade some bud for some kick ass technology!!
    Do they have a smell-o-scope aimed at your pad?
    Aliens be like:
    Haha I will have to look into that

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